Ron DeSantis has one message for California that Democrats are going to hate

Jan 20, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsom keeps trying to raise his national profile by picking fights with Ron DeSantis.

Newsom continues to come out on the losing end of these battles.

And now Ron DeSantis has one message for California that Democrats are going to hate.

Governor Newsom recently signed legislation allowing medical boards to strip the licenses from doctors who question the COVID regime.

Doctors who spread “misinformation” – i.e. tell the truth about COVID vaccines – now risk professional ruin in the Golden State.

Ron DeSantis and Florida took the opposite approach.

And now Governor DeSantis is considering a bill in the new legislative session that will shield doctors from attacks if they recommend against COVID vaccines.

POLITICO reports:

Golden State dig — DeSantis dinged Newsom and California with a Covid-19 legislative proposal that will include a part designed to protect the “freedom of speech” of medical professionals even if they rail against the “preferred narrative of the medical community.”

A different approach— The legislation — which was considered last year by Florida legislators but did not ultimately pass — is the direct antithesis to a measure signed by Newsom last year that would let medical boards take disciplinary action against doctors who spread false information about Covid-19.

Last election Newsom spent over $100,000 of donor money running commercials calling California the true freedom state.

At the time, it was an open question about Joe Biden wanting to run for re-election.

Even Democrats thought a red wave would sweep over America and the party would use the disappointing Midterm results to force Joe Biden out.

Democrats looked at Newsom as the best bet for 2024 and Newsom wanted to show the party base he was willing to fight.

That led to Newsom running an absurd commercial claiming California was the true free state because it allowed abortion-on-demand and teachers grooming students into transgenderism in the classroom.

DeSantis is throwing that rhetoric back in Newsom’s face promising to recruit all the doctors Newsom runs out of California by threatening their livelihood if they push back against Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma’s COVID narrative.

“If a high quality physician is driven out of California, this is going to be the first place people are going to want to go,” DeSantis stated.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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