Ron DeSantis has one secret weapon that could wreck Joe Biden’s life

Aug 22, 2023

Joe Biden wants to sell the nation on the success of “Bidenomics.”

This is the key to Biden’s reelection message.

But Ron DeSantis has one secret weapon that could wreck Joe Biden’s life.

Every poll always ranks the economy as the top issue in America.

Polls also show the American people give Joe Biden low marks on that front as rising inflation and the corresponding rising interest rates are making life in America unaffordable.

Prices are up 17 percent since Joe Biden took office and interest rates are at the highest levels in decades.

The economy is Joe Biden’s biggest political vulnerability heading into the 2024 campaign.

And on that front DeSantis has a story he can tell as Florida’s job growth is far outpacing the job growth nationally.

Florida’s economic boom owes to the fact that it is number one in net migration in the United States as more people moved to Florida from other states than anywhere else.

“According to latest data from the U.S. Census, Florida ranks #1 in total net migration, which measures the difference between the number of people moving in and the number of people moving out of a state. From July 2021-July 2022, nearly 444,500 people moved to Florida, which compared to the previous year was a gain of 185,000, the largest year-over-year impact of residents moving,” the Tampa Bay Economic Development Commission wrote.

Americans voted with their feet and Florida was the top destination for two simple reasons.

First, DeSantis was one of the first Governors to end their lockdown.

DeSantis ended his lockdown order in early May 2020 and lifted all COVID restrictions by September which was months ahead of other states.

Second – and more importantly – DeSantis kept schools open for in-person instruction in the fall of 2020 when blue states were using hybrid or virtual learning until well into 2021 on the orders of the teacher’s union.

DeSantis endured mockery and criticism from the liberal elites, the media, and so-called “public health experts.”

But DeSantis understood the data and the science and made the right call.

And that could lead to DeSantis having a forceful economic message to sell to the voters against Joe Biden.

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