Ron DeSantis has two times more support than Donald Trump in this one area

May 1, 2023

Polls show Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

But polls aren’t everything in politics.

And Ron DeSantis has two times more support than Donald Trump in this one area.

Many Republicans blamed the GOP’s dismal performance on Donald Trump and his endorsed candidates after several of them lost in key Senate and gubernatorial races across the country.

But while Republicans underperformed across the board, Ron DeSantis cruised to a 19-point landslide reelection victory over Charlie Crist and turned the Sunshine State solid red.

Ron DeSantis’ impressive performance in the Midterm elections catapulted him to the top spot in the GOP Presidential Primary polls.

But DeSantis’ time on top was short lived.

Joe Biden’s weaponization of the justice system against Trump united conservatives behind the former President and put him back on top in the polls.

Of course, Donald Trump is the only one of the three officially in the race for President.

Ron DeSantis has not announced but is expected to declare his candidacy this month after the legislative session adjourns.

Aside from leading in the polls, Trump has also been racking up endorsements in recent weeks from members of Congress, including several members of Florida’s Delegation.

But while Trump may be on top in the polls, DeSantis is number-one in the critical area of fundraising.

And it’s not even close.

“DeSantis has one big advantage heading into his likely White House bid: A heap of donor cash,” POLITICO reported. “As he prepares to enter the presidential race in the coming weeks, DeSantis sits atop accounts poised to support his candidacy that total more than $110 million, according to public filings and people who represent the entities,” POLITICO continued, before adding “and that’s all without him opening an official campaign committee account.”

Donald Trump currently has $55 million on hand compared to DeSantis’ $110 million.

“If DeSantis gets in, he’s going to have a huge amount of momentum and I think the donor class and the [fund]raiser class are going to be with him,” Roy Bailey, a Texas fundraiser who helped lead Trump’s prior Presidential fundraising efforts, told POLITICO. “The people I speak to are either major donors or major raisers.”

The battle for the White House is ramping up.

And DeSantis’ expected entry into the race this month will ignite a fierce battle for the GOP nomination.

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