Ron DeSantis humiliated Joe Biden with this plan to secure the border

May 12, 2023

The crisis at the southern border is now a full-blown national security threat.

And Joe Biden is actively trying to make the problem worse.

Now Ron DeSantis humiliated Joe Biden with this plan to secure the border.

Joe Biden ended Title 42 and the southern border completely collapsed into chaos.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens waited for Biden to give up the government’s expedited authority to expel them back to their home country to pour over the border.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not sitting passively by while Joe Biden invites waves of illegal aliens into the country.

“Revoking Title 42 authority will supercharge the already skyrocketing flow of illegal aliens, increasing drug, human and sex trafficking,” DeSantis declared ahead of Biden letting Title 42 expire. “Biden is failing miserably to faithfully execute the law and is violating his oath of office.”

DeSantis warned Floridians that thanks to Joe Biden’s recklessness, the country was about to experience some dark times.

“We are bracing for some turbulent times ahead,” DeSantis stated. “When you have a President that has turned a blind eye to the border . . . when you have that, you are likely to see it get a lot worse.”

That’s why DeSantis did his part to stand up to Joe Biden’s open borders agenda by signing legislation beefing up enforcement of immigration law and turning off the government benefits that act as magnets for illegal immigration.

NBC News reports the bill includes provisions:

Banning local governments from issuing identification cards for people who can’t prove citizenship.

Requiring hospitals that accept Medicaid to include a question on intake forms about the patient’s citizenship status.

Banning undocumented law school graduates from being admitted to the Florida bar.

Increasing penalties for human trafficking-related offenses.

Beefing up the required use of E-Verify, a federal database employers can use to check a worker’s employment eligibility.

DeSantis explained the motivation for illegal aliens coming to America was simple: illegal aliens expect to mooch off free taxpayer benefits.

“People are going to come if they get benefits,” DeSantis stated. “You are either here as a native or come here legally, both fine things, but to come across the border and end up getting benefits in Florida does not make sense.”

That’s why DeSantis is cutting off access to benefits in Florida.

If other red state Governors followed DeSantis’ lead, Republicans could go a long way toward rolling back Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

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