Ron DeSantis increased his support among this one key demographic and it’s bad news for Democrats

Apr 1, 2022

Ron DeSantis is facing his first reelection for Governor in November.

The radical Left is waging a nationwide smear campaign in an effort to slow DeSantis’ surging popularity.

But Ron DeSantis increased his support among this one key demographic and it’s bad news for Democrats.

Ron DeSantis is the most popular Republican elected official in the country.

Outside of Donald Trump, there is no Republican who enjoys the same rock star status among the grassroots as Ron DeSantis.

If Donald Trump decides not to run for President in 2024, polls show DeSantis would be the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination.

Of course, before he can think about running for President, DeSantis has to first get re-elected to another term as Governor in November.

Former Governor Charlie Crist and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried are the top two Democrats seeking the opportunity to take on DeSantis this fall.

Polls show DeSantis handily defeating both of his potential Democrat opponents in a head-to-head matchup.

And Ron DeSantis is only growing more popular as he continues to stand up and fight back against the radical Left and their anti-freedom agenda.

A new Axios/Ipsos poll shows that Ron DeSantis’ standing among Hispanic voters has increased seven percent since the last poll was conducted in December.

46 percent of respondents had a favorable opinion of DeSantis in March, up from 39 percent in December.

The poll showed that inflation was the driving force behind Hispanics switching from supporting Democrats to backing Republicans like Governor Ron DeSantis.

“Getting prices under control is very clearly the number one priority for the majority of Hispanics and Latinos, and it underscores the challenges Biden is facing now,” Ipsos pollster and senior Vice President Chris Jackson said.

National polls also show that inflation is one of the top issues for voters in the upcoming midterm elections, especially with gas and grocery prices skyrocketing with no end in sight.

On Thursday, the Commerce Department reported that a key inflation gauge hit a 40-year high.

The fact that Hispanic voters are starting to rally around Ron DeSantis is bad news for Democrats this fall.

Democrats are already expected to lose control of both the House and Senate.

If Democrats lose the Hispanic vote, they could face their biggest wipeout ever at the polls in November.

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