Ron DeSantis is about to make one 2024 announcement that has the Swamp in a panic

Mar 17, 2023

Polls show Republicans want Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to run for President.

Governor DeSantis has a decision to make first.

And Ron DeSantis is about to make one 2024 announcement that has the Swamp in a panic.

It is widely reported that Ron DeSantis is waiting until after the Florida legislature wraps up its current sessions in the spring to announce a run for President.

In the legislative session, DeSantis is expected to rack up several conservative policy wins that will provide him a bulletproof resume to run on in the GOP primary.

One of the bills DeSantis is expected to sign into law is a six-week abortion ban.

Florida was known as an abortion tourist haven with 82,000 abortions occurring in the state last year.

DeSantis aims to change that by signing a strong six-week ban that bans abortion as soon as doctors detect a baby’s heartbeat.

Governor DeSantis signing a heartbeat bill into law caused establishment RINOs who fret all day about so-called “electability” to flip their lids.

Former Nevada Republican Party chair Amy Tarkanian claims to be “Pro-Life.”

But Tarkanian showed she is a pro-abortion RINO by criticizing DeSantis’ decision as “pretty extreme.”

“Wow,” Tarkanian. “A lot of people don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks. I’m pro-life, but that’s pretty extreme.”

Tarkanian’s comments echoed those of pro-abortion RINO Nancy Mace who after the last Midterm elections ran around to every media outlet she could find falsely claiming Pro-Life activists cost the GOP seats.

Establishment operatives also painted a misleading picture of the political situation.

“In a way, the Republican dominance of the Florida Legislature may end up hurting DeSantis because his proposals can become reality,” Arizona Republican strategist Barrett Marson told POLITICO. “That may help him in a primary in Iowa or Texas or South Dakota, but in a general election in Arizona, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, it could be ruinous for him.”

Pro-Life laws did not cost Republicans in swing states.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp handily won re-election after signing a six-week heartbeat bill into law.

Activists on the ground in early voting states such as Iowa’s Bob Vander Plaats – who served as the Iowa Chairman of Ted Cruz’s 2016 Presidential campaign noted that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a six-week heartbeat bill and cruised to re-election.

Vander Plaats said Iowa is “a very pro-life state today, and part of that is Gov. [Kim] Reynolds has been a champion for the sanctity of human life and she won by an overwhelming margin in 2022.”

If DeSantis is “stressing his bonafides” on the Pro-Life cause, Vander Plaats explained, that “will be in [DeSantis’] favor, quite frankly, and it would put him on equal footing with Gov. Reynolds here in the state of Iowa, which is a good place to be.”

Iowa holds the critical caucus that kicks off the GOP Presidential Primary.

Whoever between Trump and DeSantis wins that race is likely to build unstoppable momentum towards the nomination.

Signing Pro-Life legislation is good for early state GOP primaries and is proven not to hurt Republicans in swing states like Georgia.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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