Ron DeSantis is facing one critical test that could end his Presidential campaign

Aug 17, 2023

Ron DeSantis’ poll numbers and fundraising and going in the wrong direction.

DeSantis is facing the biggest moment of his presidential campaign.

And Ron DeSantis is facing one critical test that could end his Presidential campaign.

On a day where multiple polls showed Doanld Trump with biggest lead ever and others showing DeSantis falling into third place nationally and in the key early state of New Hampshire, DeSantis and his team pivoted to their best opportunity to turn things around.

And that is the first GOP Presidential debate slated for August 23 and televised on Fox News.

“If you’ve got to do a campaign shakeup, this is the time to do it,” DeSantis donor Dan Eberhart told The Hill. “The debate is really opening day for the presidential primary, in my opinion.”

Donald Trump has not made up his mind about attending, but it is unlikely he will show up at the debate and DeSantis supporters recognize that means DeSantis will be center stage with a target painted on his back.

“In particular, this is going to be the Ron DeSantis show,” New Hampshire House Majority Leader Jason Osborne admitted. “Every single one of them will be gunning for Gov. DeSantis and he’ll have to pull the pins on those grenades and lob them back as quickly as he can.”

“Hopefully at the end of the day he’ll come away with two or three scalps, if not six or seven,” Osborne continued.

DeSantis and his team know they need a viral confrontation with Donald Trump if they hope to reverse the momentum in the race.

But it is highly unlikely Trump will attend the debate.

So not only will DeSantis have to fend off the attacks from other candidates trailing him in the polls, but DeSantis will also have to contend with entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy who is the candidate with momentum and who has passed him for second place in a number of recent surveys.

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