Ron DeSantis is facing this insane new baseball boycott demand

Mar 8, 2023

The woke Left wants to use sports as leverage to advance their insane agenda.

Florida is ground zero.

And now Ron DeSantis is facing this insane new baseball boycott demand.

Members of the media are up in arms over the fact that Governor DeSantis is trying to eradicate the cancer of woke ideology and brainwashing in Florida’s schools.

DeSantis signed legislation banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory and teachers in grades K-3 indoctrinating children into transgenderism through sexually inappropriate lesson plans.

DeSantis also forced the College Board to back down when DeSantis rejected curriculum for an AP black history course over the fact that it included left-wing concepts about queer theory, Black Lives Matter, and feminism.

These moves enraged Washington Post columnist and University of Maryland journalism professor Kevin Blackistone.

In a new column for The Post, Blackistone repeated some of the Left’s biggest lies about DeSantis’ war on woke.

“Earlier this year, he proposed a ban on state funding for any Florida college program that embraced the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion, or critical race theory. The latter is the higher-education scientific analysis of race and racism in society that has been purposefully disfigured by DeSantis, an Ivy Leaguer, and others of his reactionary ilk into a boogeyman for White citizens who believe they are losing this country that wasn’t theirs in the first place. When the Florida legislature opens Tuesday, state lawmakers will consider a cluster of new proposals that would dial back college studies on gender, end some diversity programs at universities and stifle pronoun courtesies in the charge to hegemonize education in the state,” Blackistone claimed.

Although Blackistone is allegedly a sports columnist, the vast majority of his articles are angry screeds demanding sports leagues and institutions conduct themselves like a Democrat Party Super PAC.

Blackistone then demanded Major League Baseball use the fact that teams playing Spring Training baseball in Florida generate nearly $700 million in revenue as a pressure point against DeSantis.

“But they could collectively, or through MLB’s front office, let their displeasure with DeSantis’s leadership, with its hints of the troubling days of yesteryear, be known. After all, so many of the issues DeSantis has made noise standing against are the same issues baseball has made noise standing for in recent years. Diversity. Inclusion. Education about the game’s (and the country’s) unsavory racial past, which merits at least a small display now at its Cooperstown, N.Y., museum attached to the Hall of Fame,” Blackistone wrote.

Baseball found itself in hot water after the league obeyed Joe Biden’s order to yank the 2021 All-Star Game from Georgia over the state’s new election integrity law.

In fact, baseball bowing to the wishes of the woke mob was the genesis for DeSantis signing legislation stripping Disney of its special governing privileges after former CEO Bob Chapek tried to defeat the state’s ban on transgender grooming in the classroom.

And if baseball wants an even bigger debacle on its hands, the league will follow Blackistone’s foolish advice.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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