Ron DeSantis is getting ready to face a flurry of attacks as the first debate approaches

Aug 11, 2023

The 2024 Primary is officially in full swing.

The first GOP debate is less than two weeks out.

And Ron DeSantis is getting ready to face a flurry of attacks as the first debate approaches.

Donald Trump has indicated that he doesn’t plan on showing up for the first debate.

Of course, he could end up changing his mind at the last minute.

Ron DeSantis is preparing for both scenarios.

Either way, DeSantis expects to have a target on his back.

With DeSantis solidly in second place, he can expect RINOs like Chris Christie and Mike Pence and other 2024 also-rans to focus their attacks on him in the event that Trump doesn’t show up.

On the other hand, if Trump does make an appearance, he will certainly focus his attacks on DeSantis as the other candidates pose no real threat to him.

DeSantis has been working with a debate coach in preparation for the debate and is confident he can handle Trump in the event that he does show up.

“I think he should show up. I think everyone should show up. You owe it to make the case to the people about why you should be President. And at the end of the day, nobody’s entitled to a nomination,” he said.

DeSantis is likely to hit Trump on his handling of COVID.

While DeSantis was one of the first Governors to reopen his state, Trump allowed Dr. Fauci to stay in his position, which he used to strong-arm states into enacting draconian lockdowns.

If Trump decides he isn’t going to show up for debates, he will be taking a page out of Joe Biden’s playbook.

The DNC announced earlier that there will be no Primary debates, despite the fact that anti-establishment Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has polled at nearly 20% in some polls.

Debates are an essential part of the election process, and voters deserve to hear from their candidates, and see how they respond when asked the tough questions.

If Trump refuses to debate, he will be thumbing his nose at undecided Republican Primary voters telling them he doesn’t need their support.

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