Ron DeSantis is not going to let Joe Biden get away with this huge attack on free speech

May 23, 2022

Joe Biden’s rogue Presidency took a scary turn.

But Joe Biden received a surprise he never saw coming.

And Ron DeSantis is not going to let Joe Biden get away with this huge attack on free speech.

The Department of Homeland Security attempted to create a Ministry of Truth run by disinformation superspreader Nina Jankowicz.

The Orwellian-named Disinformation Governance Board’s stated goal was to counter so-called “Russian disinformation” ahead of the 2022 Midterm election.

Biden putting a partisan information warrior like Jankowicz at the head of the board tipped everyone off that the true intent of the entity was censoring conservative speech online to boost Democrats in the Midterm election.

That’s because Jankowicz regularly trafficked in actual Russian disinformation by spreading the deranged lie during the 2016 election that Donald Trump had a secret server in Trump Tower that communicated with a bank in Moscow.

Thanks to the special counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, Americans now know that claim was a lie invented by Hillary’s campaign and that Clinton authorized leaking this falsehood to the press.

Governor DeSantis blasted the thinking that led to the Biden administration setting up the disinformation board in the first place.

“They didn’t want people to be able to dissent. They wanted to be able to silence or marginalize people that were speaking out against their policies,” Governor DeSantis declared. “That is not an appropriate use of the federal government.”

DeSantis explained that the purpose of the board was to control what information Americans consumed heading into the election to make sure Americans could only find news sources that spun reality in the most favorable light for Democrats.

“They would then put a warning label on, take the post down, suspend you — whatever they would do,” Governor DeSantis continued. “And so it was an attempt to try to control debate. It was an attempt to try to stifle dissent.”

But even though the Biden administration announced it “paused” the board and that Jankowicz resigned, Governor DeSantis warned that the animating spirit behind the board to censor conservative speech still ran strong in the media and the Democrat Party.

“I think, strategically, they haven’t thrown the towel in completely,” Governor DeSantis warned. “I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it. I think you have an impulse in the Biden administration and quite frankly in these legacy media outlets in Washington and New York. […] You know, they believe that what they say is what should be shoved down the throat of the public and the rest of us should just take it and not point out that they’re lying.”

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