Ron DeSantis is ready to go to war with Democrats with one big move for 2024

Jun 18, 2024

Ron DeSantis is wading into the 2024 Election in a big way.

Now he is getting involved in some of the biggest political battles this election.

And Ron DeSantis is ready to go to war with Democrats with one big move for 2024.

Major ballots in Florida over abortion and marijuana this fall

The most hotly contested political races in Florida this fall will not involve any candidates.

Florida, for the first time in decades, is expected to be uncompetitive at the Presidential level.

And the GOP is favored in U.S. Senator Rick Scott’s (R-FL) re-election race and to hold all their seats in the House.

Two ballot measures to change the Florida Constitution are where the political action is going to be this year in the Sunshine State.

Left-wing activists put a ballot measure to enshrine abortion until the moment of birth in the state constitution.

Another measure would legalize recreational marijuana. 

Florida, unlike most states, requires that a ballot measure receive at least 60% of the vote to pass.

The pro-abortion lobby is prepared to spend big in the race.

A recent Fox News poll found that the abortion-on-demand measure had the support of 69% of voters and 66% backed legalizing marijuana.

Ron DeSantis’ PAC getting involved in ballot measures and other key down-ballot races

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is getting into the fight to stop the abortion and marijuana ballot measures.

He launched a new PAC, the Florida Freedom Fund, to target those ballot measures and get involved in down-ballot races in Florida like school board.

The Florida Governor’s chief of staff James Uthmeier, who served as DeSantis’ campaign manager on his Presidential bid, will head up the PAC.

DeSantis spokeswoman Taryn Fenske said the PAC would be involved in issues and candidates.

“As Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to lead our great state, the Florida Freedom Fund will be championing issues and candidates committed to preserving Floridians’ freedom,” Fenske said. “From up and down ballot races to critical amendments, we’re steadfast in our mission to keep Florida free.”

The heartbeat bill that DeSantis signed last year that banned abortion after six weeks would be wiped out if the constitutional amendment passes.

Pro-abortion Floridians Protecting Freedom committee has raised more than $12 million in support of the abortion-on-demand ballot measure.

Smart & Safe Florida, the committee supporting marijuana legalization, has raised more than $5 million.

Most of the committee’s money has come from Trulieve, a Florida-based marijuana company.

DeSantis played in school board races during the 2022 Midterm Elections where he endorsed more than 20 candidates.

The Florida Freedom Fund has not reported any money raised yet but that should be changing shortly.

DeSantis has been fundraising to help former President Donald Trump and other Republicans from his national network of donors.

He was able to raise a national record $200 million for his re-election race in 2022.

Now he will be able to get to work fighting off the Left’s attempt to circumvent the Florida State Legislature with ballot measures.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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