Ron DeSantis is warning Americans about one mess Joe Biden created that could lead to the next 9/11

Sep 12, 2023

Monday marked the 22-year anniversary of the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Americans across the country honored the nearly 3,000 people left dead on that tragic day in 2001.

And Ron DeSantis is warning Americans about one mess Joe Biden created that could lead to the next 9/11.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey traveled to New York City on Monday to commemorate the September 11 terrorist attacks and meet with family members of victims from that horrific day.

The DeSantis’ and family members of the victims wore “Memorial Blue” ribbons to symbolize the cloudless sky above New York City on the day of the attacks.

“Twenty-two years ago, nineteen terrorists took 2,977 innocent lives in the deadliest attack against America in our history,” DeSantis wrote on social media. “We will never forget.”

The 9/11 terrorist attacks changed the direction of Ron DeSantis’ life, causing the Governor to leave his job in the private sector to join the military.

“I felt it was my obligation to serve,” DeSantis said of his decision. “So I raised my hand.”

“In 2004, he earned a commission in the Navy as a JAG officer,” the Washington Examiner reported. “While in the Navy, he worked on operations at the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, also deploying at one point to Iraq, where he served as an adviser to a U.S. Navy SEAL commander. In this position, he supported the SEAL mission in Fallujah, Ramadi, and the greater al Anbar province. He was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service and the Iraq Campaign Medal.”

Like many Americans, DeSantis said the events of 9/11 were a “wake-up call” and “changed how I viewed the world around me.”

But DeSantis also sounded the alarm about a Joe Biden failure that could end up leading to another 9/11.

And that is Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border.

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens are flooding across the border and entering the country.

With the border wide open, there’s virtually nothing stopping a terrorist from sneaking into the country and creating a nightmare scenario.

“I think that there is a good bet that somebody that’s come across that [southern] border will commit an act of terrorism,” DeSantis told the Washington Examiner.

He pointed out that a broken immigration system is partly responsible for the terrorist attacks in 2001.

“9/11 was in part an immigration issue,” he said. “A lot of these guys should not have been in the country — had overstayed visas and whatnot.”

DeSantis is right.

Joe Biden’s border crisis is the biggest national security threat facing the country.

And it could open the door to another 9/11 if the border is not shut down and secured.

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