Ron DeSantis issued one promise that made him the woke mob’s number one enemy

Aug 10, 2023

Ron DeSantis killed the woke agenda in Florida – and now he’s promised to do the same at the national level.

He outlined his plan on how to take down woke activists – and leftists were speechless.

And now Ron DeSantis’ latest promise made him the woke mob’s number one enemy.

DeSantis will eradicate the woke agenda once and for all

Ron DeSantis is fed up with leftists forcing their woke agenda onto the masses.

The woke agenda has infiltrated every level of government – from the White House to the military . . .

. . . to local school boards and state legislatures.

But DeSantis said enough is enough – and he’s promised to eradicate it once and for all.

“There’s not one city, one state, that is governed by leftist politicians wielding that [woke] ideology that’s been successful. They are hurting their people and they’re causing these societies to collapse,” DeSantis said.

“We’ve made Florida the state where woke goes to die. As president, we’ll ensure to leave the woke agenda in the dustbin of history where it belongs,” declared DeSantis.

The leftist utopia will destroy America

If Joe Biden gets another Presidential term, the America we know and love will be destroyed from the inside out.

The radical “transgender” ideology being pushed by Biden and his leftist pals has devastated schools and businesses forcing them to bow down or face the price.

Biden claims children essentially “belong to the government” and backed up his comments by pushing an agenda that attacks parents – even labeling some as “domestic terrorists.”

And now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned – Biden’s vowed to do whatever he can – even use the power of the federal government – to push abortion.

The woke mob’s number one enemy

While leftists hope to execute their agenda and create a “new America” – Ron DeSantis won’t let it happen on his watch.

In Florida, DeSantis ripped the woke agenda out of public schools and put “drag queens” on notice.

The LGBT crowd was so devastated by DeSantis’ actions – some even started GoFundMe pages to raise support to move out of Florida.

While the woke mob pushes programs like Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – DeSantis has vowed to stop these racist programs from gaining roots and spreading throughout society.

He’s promised to take down the woke mob – and his track record shows he means what he says.

Leftists are terrified of Ron DeSantis as they know not only can he beat Biden and become America’s next President . . .

. . . but they know once he’s President he will be relentless in shutting down the Left’s woke agenda once and for all.

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