Ron DeSantis issued one ultimatum to the House GOP that put the establishment on notice

Sep 19, 2023

The GOP establishment is plotting to stab conservatives in the back once again.

This betrayal could be on the verge of collapse.

And that’s because Ron DeSantis issued one ultimatum to the House GOP that put the establishment on notice.

A battle is brewing among House Republicans about extending funding for the federal government past the end of September.

The Republican establishment wants to kick the can down the road on out-of-control government spending by claiming that anything backed by conservatives is dead on arrival in the Senate under the control of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a former member of the House Freedom Caucus, urged House Republicans to stick to the promises they made during campaign season and not worry about pleasing Schumer.

“Well, here’s what I would just recommend they do,” DeSantis told Fox News host Howard Kurtz. “They campaigned on certain things. Our voters did give them the House — not by big majorities, but they gave it to them. So just do what you say you’re going to do.”

DeSantis became a conservative superstar by following the simple strategy of sticking to his word and delivering on his campaign promises.

“The Senate can do what they’re going to do,” DeSantis continued. “I understand that there’s to be negotiations after that but what I don’t think they should do is say, ‘oh, well, you know, the Senate won’t accept what we’re going to do, so we’re not going to do what we believe in.’”

He urged House Republicans to show that there’s a better path to restoring fiscal sanity even if their effort ultimately fails in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

“And even if they don’t ultimately succeed on everything, at least they put the flag in the ground and showed, after 2024, if we have unified Republican control, we have a path to get this nation back to fiscal sanity,” DeSantis explained. “And part of it is the dollars and cents, but the debt — I mean, you’ve covered it, how much the debt has gone up just in the last five or six years. And it is under both parties, 100%.”

The debt is at staggering levels because of President Joe Biden’s reckless spending and House Republicans have a chance to rein some of it in.

Fighting the battle over spending right now could set the stage for a Republican-controlled government after the 2024 Election to do the hard work of getting debt under control.

A Ron DeSantis Presidency with GOP control of Congress could be the last chance to save the country from fiscal ruin.
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