Ron DeSantis just blew the lid on the left-wing media’s scheme to force Joe Biden to step aside

Jul 10, 2024

Joe Biden flat-out rejected calls for him to step aside following his terrible debate performance.

Democrats and their allies in the media are in panic mode.

And Ron DeSantis just blew the lid on the left-wing media’s scheme to force Joe Biden to step aside.

Several Democrat leaders, political pundits, and left-wing reporters had a public meltdown after Joe Biden put his senility on full display for the American people to see during the first debate against Donald Trump.

Biden’s allies have gone above and beyond over the past few years to shut down any discussion of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Whenever anyone dared to question Biden’s mental acuity, Democrats and members of the press assured Americans that Biden was sharp as a knife behind closed doors.

But Joe Biden’s terrible performance in the first debate blew that phony narrative out of the water.

And now many of the same folks who defended Biden’s cognitive abilities are now calling on him to step aside.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called out the left-wing media for pretending to be shocked by Biden’s senility.

“Biden’s painful debate performance left an indelible mark with voters: it is clear that he is not cognitively capable of discharging the duties of the presidential office,” DeSantis wrote on X.

He said the media was aware of Biden’s decline.

“The media knew this and so the cries to replace Biden now are not because of a principled objection to a cognitively-impaired president but simply because they know he will lose the election,” DeSantis pointed out.

DeSantis also chimed in on a video posted by the White House that was full of jump cuts and only made Americans more concerned about Biden’s mental condition.

Biden talked about the idea of American “democracy” in the video.

But Ron DeSantis pointed out that the video was full of “jump cuts.”

“President Jump Cut,” DeSantis commented. “Yikes!”

In an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News Channel, DeSantis reminded Americans that Joe Biden has “gone on a three-and-a-half to four-year vacation.”

“You have a President who lies constantly,” DeSantis said. “You have a President who’s not up to the job and that’s something that they don’t want to talk about.”

Of course, DeSantis is correct.

Anyone who acts surprised by Joe Biden’s senility is just a Democrat partisan.

Biden’s senility has been on full display throughout his entire Presidency.

His approval ratings are also in the tank.

Democrats know they are in trouble if Joe Biden is at the top of the ticket this fall.

And they are scheming a way to throw him under the bus.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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