Ron DeSantis just called out Joe Biden and the media for telling this one huge lie about the economy

Jul 29, 2022

Joe Biden and his pals in the media tried to spin their way out of the latest report showing the second consecutive quarter of negative economic growth.

But one Republican Governor exposed their lies.

And Ron DeSantis just called out Joe Biden and the media for telling this one huge lie about the economy.

For decades, two consecutive quarters of economic growth was considered the textbook definition of a recession.

During the first quarter of 2022, the economy shrank by 1.6 percent.

With no signs of improvement in sight, the first quarter numbers led to fears that the economy was teetering on the edge of a major recession.

In May, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sounded the alarm, telling reporters that there was a “very good chance” Joe Biden “plunges this country into a recession.”

“When you’re leading, you have to look to see what kind of trouble could come on the horizon,” he said at the time, warning of the consequences of irresponsible and unwise economic policy.

“However, you look at what’s going on out of Washington, you look at the inflation that’s absolutely out of control,” DeSantis continued, before adding that inflation was much higher than the 8.5 percent reported by the government.

On Thursday, DeSantis’ prediction was proven correct after the latest report showed two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.

Even though two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth has always been the definition of a recession, Joe Biden and his allies in the press tried to change the definition to give cover to the administration’s failures.

But Ron DeSantis is shining a spotlight on Joe Biden and the media’s attempt to trick Americans into thinking the economy was “on the right path.”

“U.S. GDP dropped for a second quarter in a row, which is the definition of a recession,” DeSantis began in a post on Twitter.

DeSantis then ripped Biden and the media for trying to downplay the administration’s “poor economic stewardship” and the “negative impact it has had on families.”

“While the Biden Administration and its legacy media cheerleaders are trying to gaslight people about the economic slowdown, we have seen Biden’s poor economic stewardship and the negative impact it has had on families,” DeSantis continued.

Instead of admitting failure and correcting course, DeSantis warned Americans that Joe Biden is doing the exact opposite by calling for tax hikes and increased government spending.

“Now, Biden wants to tax and spend even more, which will only make things worse,” DeSantis concluded.

Although Joe Biden’s recession will impact all of America, Florida is set to weather the storm much better than other states thanks to Ron DeSantis’ pro-freedom policies and conservative leadership.

“And so we have to be prepared for that [recession],” DeSantis said in May.

“I think we’ve got a lot of good stuff going,” he continued, before adding that “hopefully, we’ll be able to weather better than most” due to the financial shape of the Sunshine State and its “very low tax rates.”

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