Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this epic truth bomb

Apr 8, 2022

Polls show inflation is one of the top concerns for voters in the upcoming Midterm elections.

Joe Biden is trying to convince the American people that it’s not his fault.

But Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this epic truth bomb.

Inflation recently hit a 40-year high under Joe Biden.

According to Bloomberg, skyrocketing inflation is costing the average American household an extra $433 per month, with no end in sight.

This is why poll after poll shows that inflation is one of the top issues facing voters in November.

Of course, Democrats realize that skyrocketing inflation is a major political vulnerability for the Party this fall.

That’s why the Biden administration is trying to convince the American people that inflation is not a result of his socialist spending binge or anti-fossil fuels agenda.

However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making sure voters know Joe Biden and the Democrats are responsible for the skyrocketing costs of everything from gas to groceries.

During a press conference on Tuesday in Hamilton County, Florida, where he announced “$5.4 million to improve public infrastructure and support manufacturing in the area,” Ron DeSantis placed the blame for inflation directly at the feet of Joe Biden.

“One of the things I’ve been really concerned about over the last year, the last 15 months, is the inflation,” DeSantis began. “You know they come into Washington and they print trillions and trillions of dollars, and they act like that’s not going to have any effect. But what have you seen? You see things in the grocery store,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis then explained how policies pushed by Joe Biden and the Democrats have made inflation worse.

“We need some different policies out of Washington,” DeSantis said. “You can’t keep inflating and what’s going to happen is, you know, people are paying $4 a gallon in gas, they release from the strategic reserve, which is not meant for this, it’s meant for major situations where you may have a big time disruption,” DeSantis continued, adding that, “the reason why it’s going up so much in our country is because the federal government doesn’t want to do energy domestically.”

DeSantis pointed out how America has the ability to be completely energy independent, just like we were under Donald Trump.

“We have the ability to be energy independent,” DeSantis said. “They’re not allowing Keystone, they’re not allowing ANWR, they’re not allowing all these leases on all the federal lands. You have opportunities to be and we were energy independent just over a year ago, and now we’ve ceded that and now we’re at the mercy of . . . what, we’re going to rely on Venezuela to get oil? You’re going to rely, you’re going to beg OPEC to lower the price?”

DeSantis said the United States government should prioritize producing its own fuel to help American consumers.

“My message is let’s unleash American energy,” DeSantis said, before adding “let’s make sure we’re producing what we need to produce, and Keystone, bring it in from Canada, you know you do ANWR, you do all of these places, that will make a huge huge difference for people and I just hate to see people that are, you know, they’re making, they’re working hard, and they commute to work, and now they’re just getting killed with the gas prices and everything else.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to shirk the blame for skyrocketing inflation.

But Republican leaders like Ron DeSantis will continue to remind Americans that Joe Biden and the Democrats’ big spending policies and anti-fossil fuels agenda are directly responsible for the pain they’re feeling at the pump and at the check-out counter.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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