Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this massive truth bomb about skyrocketing inflation

Feb 17, 2022

Prices are skyrocketing on everything from gas to groceries.

Joe Biden promised Americans the inflation would be “transitory.”

But Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this massive truth bomb about skyrocketing inflation.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a total disaster.

The border crisis is worse than ever, with record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens entering the country on a daily basis.

Crime is surging in America’s Democrat-run cities.

And after nearly two years of lockdowns and mandates, the American people are ready for a return to normalcy.

But one of the biggest crises facing Joe Biden and the Democrats is skyrocketing inflation.

According to the latest inflation report, prices surged in January by 7.5%, which is the largest increase since 1982.

With prices surging nationwide, polls show that not only is inflation becoming one of the top issues, but that voters also blame Biden and the Democrats for the rising prices.

And during a recent press conference where he touted Florida’s record-breaking tourism numbers – with 118 million people visiting the Sunshine State in 2021 – Governor Ron DeSantis placed the blame for skyrocketing inflation directly at the feet of Joe Biden.

“I can tell you it’s much higher than seven and a half percent,” DeSantis said about inflation. “How much has gas gone up? How much have groceries gone up? How much have different staples of building and construction and all that gone up? It’s all gone up way more than seven and a half percent,” he continued.

DeSantis then pointed out how, just like they did with COVID numbers, the Biden administration is attempting to paint a much rosier picture than really exists.

“As they calculate seven and a half percent, they’re including things that really aren’t making that much of an impact. They’re not including things that have gone up dramatically, and so that inflation is really, really significant and it eats away at people’s incomes,” DeSantis continued, adding that Joe Biden’s policies are “hurting the country.”

DeSantis also ripped Joe Biden over the economic harm caused by his tyrannical vaccine mandates, saying that “if it were up to Biden, we would have had tens of thousands of people lose their jobs because of these mandates.”

Joe Biden can try to deflect the blame or convince the American people that inflation is “transitory.”

But as Ron DeSantis noted, inflation is a “self-inflicted wound because of a lot of these federal policies.”

Instead of doubling down on his failed policies, DeSantis said Biden should reverse course and embrace better policies that promote economic and personal freedom.

Of course, Democrats in vulnerable states and districts see the writing on the wall about inflation.

And many of Biden’s allies are now calling him out for allowing inflation to skyrocket out of control.

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