Ron DeSantis just exposed the real motivation behind Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s tyrannical COVID rules and mandates

Dec 22, 2021

America will soon enter the third year of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for the Biden administration.

And Ron DeSantis just exposed the real motivation behind Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s tyrannical COVID rules and mandates.

When the pandemic first started, Anthony Fauci promised the American people that it would only take “15 days to slow the spread.”

Now, after nearly two full years, Fauci says the pandemic won’t end until every eligible American is fully vaccinated and boosted – how many times remains to be seen.

But even if someone is fully vaccinated and boosted, Biden and Fauci are still demanding they wear a mask and follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines.

Meanwhile, many Democrat-run states and cities, such as New York State, California, and Boston, are enforcing draconian vaccine mandates on workers, as well as banning unvaccinated citizens from entering restaurants, bars, shopping malls, entertainment centers, or other public places.

The Biden administration is also attempting to enforce an unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate on up to 100 million American workers.

Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci refuse to talk about early treatment options, such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquone, and monoclonal antibodies.

For them, the only solution to ending the pandemic is more government power and raw control over the American people.

And according to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, there’s a reason why Biden and Fauci are pushing COVID tyranny as the only solution.

“For COVID authoritarians like Fauci, Biden and their Democratic cronies, these mandates are not about a virus but about them wielding power over others,” DeSantis declared.

DeSantis called on the American people to stand up and resist “permanent Faucism,” referring to Fauci’s recent statement that we will be required to wear face masks on planes forever.

DeSantis warned that Anthony Fauci does not care “about doing what’s right or using even basic common sense” because he’s “too caught up in TV interviews, magazine covers, and the adulation and acceptance from elitists that he’s likely craved his entire life.”

Of course, DeSantis has a point.

After all, this is the same Anthony Fauci who has a life-size portrait of himself hanging on the wall next to his office desk so he can look up and admire himself while working.

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