Ron DeSantis just gave Joe Biden a stunning defeat he never anticipated

Sep 20, 2021

Joe Biden is attempting to reclaim his Presidency by squaring up against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But it’s not working out like he expected.

And Ron DeSantis just gave Joe Biden a stunning defeat he never anticipated.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has opposed mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations.

DeSantis insisted that masks and immunizations be optional in Florida and emphasized the efficacy of monoclonal antibodies as an early treatment.

This strategy paid off, since fewer Floridians are now hospitalized from the virus.

And in the last two weeks, hospitalizations and COVID cases have decreased significantly.

This infuriated Joe Biden, who charged DeSantis with fostering COVID in Florida by refusing to comply with Biden’s authoritarian directives.

Because DeSantis and other red state Governors defied Biden and demonstrated that lockdowns, mask and vaccine requirements are unnecessary, Biden attempted to penalize Florida and six other Republican-led states by halting supplies of lifesaving monoclonal antibodies.

Biden is attempting to murder Floridians and residents of other red states by depriving them of life-saving medications.

However, DeSantis found a method to circumvent Biden’s heinous move.

DeSantis pledged to fight tooth and nail and struck a contract with GlaxoSmithKline to acquire their monoclonal antibodies.

“What I am doing though, is we’re going to try to cover the bases. I had a call yesterday with GlaxoSmithKline executives about their new monoclonal antibody . . . Sotrovimab was given EUA, I believe in May. So the Eli Lily one, which is kind of now coming back, but the Regeneron, that was at the end of 2020. Sotrovimab was given EUA in May. The clinical data on that was even better than the clinical data on the Regeneron, 85% reduction in hospitalizations,” DeSantis told reporters.

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