Ron DeSantis just gave RINOs in Congress a reality check on what the conservative movement is really about

Aug 22, 2023

Most Republican politicians run on a platform of supporting conservative values.

But their actions rarely match their words.

And Ron DeSantis just gave RINOs in Congress a reality check on what the conservative movement is really about.

The left-wing media has been out to get Florida Governor Ron DeSantis since he stood up to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s pandemic tyranny.

But DeSantis’ war against the woke ideology in Florida made him a top enemy of Democrats and the media.

Democrat partisans in the press frequently smear and attack DeSantis for his pro-freedom policies and his refusal to bend the knee to the woke mob.

Another tactic the press uses against DeSantis is twisting his words into something completely different than what he said.

The latest example of this came over the weekend when multiple left-wing media outlets ran stories claiming the Governor attacked Trump supporters as “listless vessels.”

In an interview with the Florida Standard, DeSantis talked about the RINOs in Congress who call themselves conservatives.

“There will be people who are huge Trump supporters like in Congress who have, like, incredibly liberal left-wing records that’s really just atrocious, and yet they’re viewed by some of these folks as, like, really, really good,” he said. “Then you have other people, you know, like a Congressman Chip Roy who’s endorsed me, Congressman Thomas Massie, these guys have records of principle, fighting the swamp that are second to none, and yet they will be attacked by some of these people and called RINOs.”

“So it’s just been totally detached from any type of substance,” DeSantis said. “And ultimately, a movement can’t be about the personality of one individual,” he continued, before adding that “the movement has got to be about what are you trying to achieve on behalf of the American people, and that’s got to be based in principle.”

DeSantis then explained why it’s critical for conservatives to adhere to principles.

“Because if you’re not rooted in principle, if all we are is listless vessels that are just supposed to follow, you know, whatever happens to come down the pike on Truth Social every morning, that’s not going to be a durable movement.”

Of course, the left-wing media ignored the first part of DeSantis’ statement and falsely reported that he attacked Trump supporters as “listless vessels.”

But DeSantis’ campaign set the record straight in a statement labeled “The Dishonest Media Refuses to Report the Facts.”

The statement clarified that DeSantis only “challenged all of us in the conservative movement to be focused on substance and based in principle.”

Campaign Secretary Bryan Griffin noted that the Governor was referring to “Donald Trump and some congressional endorsers” as the “listless vessels.”

“Trump and DC insiders feel he is entitled to your vote,” Griffin said. “Ron DeSantis believes your trust should be earned and has the vision, plan, and record to beat Joe Biden and reverse the decline of our country,” he continued, adding “that’s why Ron DeSantis will be showing up on Wednesday night to debate, and Donald Trump will not.”

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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