Ron DeSantis just issued a stark warning about Marxism in Latin America

Jun 22, 2022

Latin America has been plagued by the destructive philosophy of Marxism for decades.

From the Castros in Cuba to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, communists have caused the suffering of millions throughout the region.

And Ron DeSantis just issued a stark warning about Marxism in Latin America.

Columbia just elected Gustavo Petro as their next President.

Petro was a member of M-19, a Marxist guerilla force with ties to the Medellin Cartel.

DeSantis expressed disappointment with the results of the election in Columbia.

“The results of that election have been very, very troubling for people that believe in freedom in the Western Hemisphere. To elect a former narcoterrorist and a Marxist to lead Colombia is going to be disastrous,” DeSantis said during a news conference in Nassau County, in Northeast Florida.

Desantis continued, “So, we’ll continue to stand with the people of Florida here who are passionate about freedom in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in Colombia. But a very, very disappointing and very, very troubling result in that election.”

This election in Columbia follows a disturbing trend of far-left Marxists being elected in Chile, Honduras, and Peru.

Many of Florida’s residents fled Marxist regimes such as Cuba or Venezuela.

Florida is also home to over 275,000 of Columbians who fled political violence and kidnappings during the 2000s who are eligible to vote in the state.

Perhaps fear of alienating those voters is why even Florida Democrats have shown some concern over the new President’s victory.

Florida Democrat Party Chair Manny Diaz issued a written statement.

“I respect the voice of the Colombian people who have chosen their new president through democratic elections. However, I am concerned that the newly elected leader, Gustavo Petro, has in the past aligned himself with the policies of the Castros, Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro, which have brought so much pain and suffering to Cubans and Venezuelans,” Diaz said.

“My sincerest hope is that Petro respects the Colombian Constitution and protects private property, freedom of the press, and the private industry that has brought Colombia so much prosperity in the past decades. May God guide him to do what is right for our Colombian brothers and sisters.”

Of course, the reality is that the modern American Democrat Party has much in common with these Marxist dictators coming to power in Latin America today.

Democrats have worked to silence the speech of their opposition, rig elections in their favor, and redistribute private property.

One thing is certain, things are about to get a lot worse in Columbia.

Hopefully, America won’t go down the same path.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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