Ron DeSantis just learned this tragic news that left him asking one big question

Aug 17, 2023

The 2024 Presidential campaign has not gone the way Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his supporters hoped.

DeSantis is beset by falling poll numbers and struggling fundraising.

And now Ron DeSantis just learned this tragic news that left him asking one big question.

When Ron DeSantis entered the GOP race back in May it looked like a two-man race between DeSantis and Donald Trump.

DeSantis appeared to have a plan to make his case that the GOP needed to turn the page on Trump and move on to a new generation of America First conservatives.

But as the weeks wore on DeSantis’ poll numbers melted away to the point where he is now trailing Trump by nearly 40 points.

Some of DeSantis’ decline is due to the fact that Democrat prosecutors keep trying to interfere in the election by indicting Trump on sham charges.

But one underreported aspect to DeSantis’ polling decline is the fact that he is the candidate facing the most amount spent against him by outside groups.

Since entering the race DeSantis faced a staggering $20.2 million in negative independent expenditure ads.

That’s more than double the $9.2 million in negative ads run against Joe Biden and the $8.1 million faced by Donald Trump.

DeSantis campaign communications director Andrew Romeo argued in a statement to Fox News that DeSantis faced this advertising assault because he is the one candidate who can defeat Joe Biden.

“Republicans, Democrats, and the legacy media are united in their full-on assault of Ron DeSantis because he is the only candidate who can beat Joe Biden,” Romeo stated.

“We know they will never call him the winner and we fully expect the onslaught of attacks to reach a new level on the debate stage next week, but taking arrows on behalf of the American people is nothing new for DeSantis,” Romeo added.

“It doesn’t matter how much they come after him, Ron DeSantis will never back down,” Romeo concluded.

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