Ron DeSantis just made a major announcement about COVID that will be music to the ears of senior citizens in Florida

Jan 6, 2022

Joe Biden promised to send at-home COVID tests to millions of American seniors.

His administration dropped the ball.

But Ron DeSantis just made a major announcement about COVID that will be music to the ears of senior citizens in Florida.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media have attempted to use Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a pandemic punching bag over his opposition to mask and vaccine mandates.

But Ron DeSantis is always one step ahead of the Left.

DeSantis promoted the use of life-saving monoclonal antibodies long before they were widely used as a proven, effective early treatment against COVID.

And on Thursday, Ron DeSantis once again showed he’s one step ahead of the Biden administration by announcing that Florida would soon distribute one million COVID at-home tests to senior citizens across the state.

During an appearance on Fox News, Ron DeSantis ripped the Biden administration for not following through on the promise to send at-home tests to Americans.

“The Biden administration promised they were going to send all these at-home tests,” DeSantis began. “They said all you had to do is go online and get it, and nothing has happened in a month and a half with doing that.”

DeSantis then announced that he’d “secured a million at-home tests” for Florida’s seniors. “We’re going to be distributing them to nursing homes and long-term care facilities throughout the state of Florida and then to the broader senior communities throughout our population because we view testing as something that should lead to then a clinical result,” DeSantis added.

This isn’t the only promise to the American people that the Biden administration failed to deliver.

As Ron DeSantis pointed out, even though Biden promised to shut down the virus, he now claims there is no federal solution.

DeSantis also defended Donald Trump, pointing out how Joe Biden blames Donald Trump for everything yet refuses to take any responsibility now that he’s the President.

“His promise was he would shut down the virus, and he’d demagogue Donald Trump every day,” DeSantis said. “He blamed Trump for COVID cases and deaths. He didn’t blame China, which is really where the blame belongs. But he said it was all Trump’s fault, and then he would shut it down, and not only has he not shut it down, you have cases and hospitalizations in parts of the country like we’ve never seen before, so that fundamental promise he made to the American people, he has absolutely failed,” DeSantis concluded.

Of course, polls show the majority of Americans agree with DeSantis.

And as Joe Biden continues to push more COVID tyranny, his approval ratings will likely plunge even further, setting the Democrats up for a massive bloodbath in November.

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