Ron DeSantis just made it clear that he will not tolerate violence against police officers in Florida

Aug 8, 2023

Democrats are defunding police departments and pushing pro-crime policies in cities all across the country.

The Left’s war on police is placing law-enforcement officers in danger.

And Ron DeSantis just made it clear that he will not tolerate violence against police officers in Florida.

“Defund the police” became a rally cry for Democrats in the Black Lives Matter riots that took place nationwide during the summer of 2020.

Democrats painted law-enforcement officers as the bad guys while George Soros-backed prosecutors implemented soft-on-crime policies that placed criminals right back on the streets.

As a result, crime is skyrocketing in Democrat-run cities.

In Chicago, carjackings have increased by 126% since last year, with robbery up 16%, theft up 14%, and sexual assaults up 5%.

In New York City, rape increased by 11%, robbery shot up by 32.4%, burglary rose by 29.1%, and grand larceny went up by 38.5% over the year.

But while crime is surging in Democrat-run cities, one place that is not happening is in Ron DeSantis’ Florida.

Under DeSantis’ command, crime is at a 50-year low in Florida.

While Democrats attacked the police, DeSantis offered law-enforcement officers bonuses for relocating to the Sunshine State.

“Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida reached a key milestone, awarding more than 2,000 bonuses through the Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program,” a May press release from DeSantis’ office read. “This program is designed to encourage Floridians to join the profession and attract out-of-state recruits or experienced officers to relocate to Florida.”

Unfortunately, crime will still take place even under the best policies.

On Friday, two police officers in Orlando were shot while pursuing a criminal.

“Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith announced in a media briefing that the two officers were investigating a vehicle connected to a homicide in Miami,” WINK News reported. “During the stop, the suspect shot at the two officers.”

Ron DeSantis responded to the tragedy on social media and expressed his concern for the officers involved in the shooting.

“@CaseyDeSantis and I are praying for the officers, their families and the entire @OrlandoPolice,” DeSantis tweeted. “Our brave men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect.”

DeSantis then dropped the hammer on the criminal and made it clear that he will not tolerate violence against police in his state.

“The perpetrator must face harsh justice,” DeSantis added.

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