Ron DeSantis just made one promise to Floridians that will send Anthony Fauci off the rails

Apr 14, 2022

Americans in most states faced some form of lockdowns or mandates during the pandemic.

Ron DeSantis made Florida an “oasis of freedom” for the rest of the country.

And Ron DeSantis just made one promise to Floridians that will send Anthony Fauci off the rails.

Ron DeSantis stood up to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny throughout the course of the entire pandemic.

DeSantis banned masks and vaccine mandates, refused to enforce lockdowns, and kept schools open in the Sunshine State.

Of course, the Biden administration and their allies in the Fake News Media tried to use DeSantis as a political punching bag, even giving him the nickname “DeathSantis” over his refusal to bow to the COVID tyrants.

But after three years, the majority of Americans have had enough of the COVID madness.

And most states across the country, including some deep-Blue states, are now following DeSantis’ lead by rolling back their mandates and restrictions.

However, Anthony Fauci and the COVID authoritarians are desperately trying to hold on to their pandemic powers.

During a recent interview with ABC, Anthony Fauci said the mandates may soon be back in place due to a surge in the new BA.2 subvariant of omicron.

And in Philadelphia, in response to the BA.2 variant, city leaders have already reimposed an indoor mask mandate.

During a recent press conference, DeSantis brought up the absurdity of the new mask mandate in Philadelphia.

“So just let me say it very clearly to all Floridians, you just saw Philadelphia impose an indoor mandate,” DeSantis began. “You’re going to have potentially some of these other ‘Deep Blue’ jurisdictions go back to restrictions and mandates,” he continued, before adding, “you look what’s happening in Shanghai, they have everybody under a brutal lockdown.”

DeSantis then promised the people of Florida that as long as he is Governor, they will never face COVID lockdowns, mandates, or restrictions of any kind.

“So I just want to be very clear, as long as I sit in the chair in which I sit, no Floridian will be restricted, mandated or locked down in any possible way.”

Thanks to DeSantis’ leadership during the pandemic, Florida’s economy was already much better off than the rest of the country, especially in places with the most strict lockdowns and mandates.

A record-breaking 117 million people visited Florida in 2021.

And with Democrats in Blue states and cities reimposing COVID mandates, Florida will remain an “oasis of freedom” for the rest of the country to escape the tyranny.

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