Ron DeSantis just pointed out one anniversary that Joe Biden was hoping the American people would forget

Aug 17, 2023

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been one disaster after another.

America’s enemies have become more emboldened with Biden calling the shots in the White House.

And Ron DeSantis just pointed out one anniversary that Joe Biden was hoping the American people would forget.

Tuesday, August 15 marked the two-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American soldiers dead and handed control of the country back over to the Taliban.

After he extended the war beyond the May 1, 2021 deadline, Biden ordered a clumsy and hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in order to stage a photo op on 9/11.

Not only were 13 service members killed in the botched withdrawal, but Joe Biden also left billions of dollars in American military equipment that was seized by the Taliban.

And while Biden found a way to bring tens of thousands of Afghan refugees to the United States, he left dozens of Americans stranded in the country behind Taliban lines.

But two years later and not a single individual has been held accountable for the disaster in Afghanistan.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed Joe Biden for his role in the botched withdrawal.

“Thirteen brave service members were killed,” DeSantis wrote on X. “Intelligence warnings that the Taliban would quickly take over were ignored,” he continued, adding that “billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment were gifted to the Taliban.”

DeSantis called it “one of the worst foreign policy failures” in American history.

“Since one of the worst foreign policy failures in U.S. history, our enemies including China, Russia, and Iran have become more emboldened,” he wrote. “Afghanistan has once again become a terror safe haven as the Taliban eliminates rights for women under its tyranny.”

Ron DeSantis is big on accountability.

And he is dumbfounded by the fact that no one has ever been held accountable for such a disastrous and deadly failure.

“It is a disgrace no one has been held accountable,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis was not the only Florida Republican to remind Americans of Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan.

Florida Senator Rick Scott also slammed Biden in a post on social media.

“The American people will never forget the misguided and dangerous decisions that led to a deadly and chaotic withdrawal, and I won’t stop fighting to establish a bipartisan and bicameral Joint Select Committee on Afghanistan so that accountability can become a reality,” Scott said.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio echoed DeSantis’ and Scott’s sentiment.

Rubio said Biden put our troops “carelessly in danger” and added that “we continue to unite in solidarity and prayer for the Afghan people, especially the women and children who are now at the mercy of the Taliban.”

Joe Biden failed the American people with his hasty and disastrous withdrawal.

Officials in the Biden administration may escape accountability.

But Joe Biden will certainly have to answer for his failure on the campaign trail.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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