Ron DeSantis just pointed out one truth about Donald Trump’s Presidency that Democrats refuse to accept

May 3, 2024

Joe Biden and the Democrats are hell-bent on convincing voters that a second term for Donald Trump means the end of American democracy.

But polls show voters are not buying it.

And Ron DeSantis just pointed out one truth about Donald Trump’s Presidency that Democrats refuse to accept.

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were at each other’s throats during the Republican Presidential Primary.

For months, neither Trump nor DeSantis had anything nice to say about each other.

Trump insulted DeSantis by dubbing him with nasty names like Ron “DeSanctimonious” and “Meatball Ron.” 

DeSantis returned fire and attacked Donald Trump over his COVID policies, his big spending, and for not following through on his promise to build the wall.

But that is now water under the bridge after their unity meeting last weekend.

“We had a great meeting yesterday, arranged by mutual friend Steve Witkoff, at his beautiful Shell Bay Club in Hollywood, Florida.” Trump wrote about the meeting. “The conversation mostly concerned how we would work closely together to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

DeSantis agreed with Trump and said that “I think now we’re in a position where we are unified across issues as Republicans.”

The Florida Governor is now hoping to help Trump raise money to defeat Joe Biden in November.

But DeSantis is doing more than just putting his fundraising abilities to work for Trump.

On Tuesday, DeSantis pointed out one enormous difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s time in the White House.

A reporter asked DeSantis for his thoughts on Joe Biden’s Presidency as well as if he had any chance of defeating Trump in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis slammed Joe Biden’s record of failure and praised Donald Trump’s accomplishments in office.

He also revealed a truth that Democrats refuse to accept.

And that is how the world was a much more peaceful place with Donald Trump in the White House.

“And oh, by the way – is this world more peaceful than it was when Trump was president?” DeSantis asked, before answering his own question with “not even close.” 

“Biden’s been a failed leader,” he added.

DeSantis is correct.

Donald Trump negotiated an end to the war in Afghanistan, but Biden allowed the Taliban to regain control after his botched withdrawal that left 13 soldiers dead and billions of dollars of weapons and equipment behind.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not invade Ukraine on Donald Trump’s watch due to a fear of how he would respond.

Donald Trump was the first President in the last 40 years to not start any new wars during his Presidency.

But Joe Biden’s failures have Americans worried about the possibility of World War III breaking out at any moment.

The world was more peaceful under Trump.

And Democrats refuse to accept this reality.

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