Ron DeSantis just promised to help Floridians weather Joe Biden’s economic storm in one unbelievable way

Sep 23, 2022

Joe Biden’s Presidency is destroying the United States economy.

Inflation skyrocketed to 40-year highs, leaving hard-working Americans struggling to make ends meet.

But Ron DeSantis just promised to help Floridians weather Joe Biden’s economic storm in one unbelievable way.

During Joe Biden’s time in office, inflation soared to a 40-year high, gas prices reached an all-time record high, weekly wages dropped among American workers, and the supply chain broke down and led to shortages.

With the Midterm elections coming up in less than seven weeks, polls show the economy – especially inflation – is the top issue for voters all across the country.

However, Joe Biden’s economic disaster hasn’t hit Floridians as bad as elsewhere.

Thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership, Florida has the largest budget surplus in Sunshine State history.

And Ron DeSantis plans to use the budget surplus to help Floridians weather Joe Biden’s economic storm in the form of more than a billion dollars in tax cuts.

“Seven weeks ahead of Election Day, DeSantis unveiled plans Tuesday in Bradenton to ask the Republican-controlled Legislature next year to permanently eliminate the state’s 7% sales tax on diapers, strollers and cribs, medical supplies and equipment, along with over-the-counter pet medications,” the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

“The governor also proposed one-year breaks on household items costing $25 or less, children’s toys and books, athletic equipment used by youngsters up to age 18, and four weeks of back-to-school holidays, adding a spring semester round to the summer break the state has given out,” the Tallahassee Democrat continued.

“We’re really well-positioned,” DeSantis said at a press conference in Bradenton on Tuesday, crediting his pandemic policies with helping boost the economy. “We can do this tax relief really without breaking a sweat at this point.”

“This is the most robust package, this $1.1 billion, just what I announced here,” DeSantis continued, before adding that “we’re actually going to do more proposals and so stay tuned for that.”

DeSantis believes the worst of Biden’s economic storm has yet to come, but said that “we have such a big surplus, not only do we have the budget stabilization or rainy day fund, we’re gonna have billions and billions of dollars that we can set aside” in the event of more economic turmoil “because of Biden policies,” DeSantis added.

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