Ron DeSantis just proved he is dead serious about defending parental rights in education

Aug 11, 2022

During his State of the State Address, Ron DeSantis vowed to make 2022 the “Year of the Parent” in Florida.

Democrats are fighting back.

And Ron DeSantis just proved he is dead serious about defending parental rights in education.

Ron DeSantis is leading the fight against the Left’s attempt to indoctrinate school children with their radical transgender and anti-American ideologies.

The Florida Governor is also using his influence to help elect local school board members who will oppose the Left’s woke agenda and focus solely on educating children.

DeSantis’ re-election campaign recently released the “DeSantis Education Agenda: Putting Students First, Protecting Parents’ Rights,” a statewide agenda for school board candidates and members who are committed to advancing his pro-freedom policies at the local level.

According to a press release, the initiative is “focused on setting Florida’s children up for success, ensuring parental rights in education, and combatting woke agendas from infiltrating public schools.”

And now DeSantis is using some of his $130 million warchest to help promote school board candidates he endorsed at the local level in Florida.

“In Sarasota, a mailer arrived to voters that included individual pictures of the School Board member Bridget Ziegler, as well as School Board candidates Tim Enos and Robyn Marinelli,” Jacob Ogles of Florida Politics wrote. “On the other side of the mailer is a picture of DeSantis with First Lady Casey DeSantis and the couple’s three children,” he continued, before adding that “the photo sits beside a stock image of a chalkboard with script type identifying the politicians by name and making clear they were ‘School Board candidates endorsed by Ron DeSantis.’”

DeSantis is also paying for Facebook digital ads “targeted to voters in particular counties supporting endorsed School Board candidates.”

His re-election committee also donated $1,000 to each school board candidate endorsed by the Governor.

“Having the support of Governor DeSantis is an immense honor,” Sam Fisher, a candidate for School Board in District 1 said. “I am truly grateful to have his support and am dedicated to working hard to empower parents and provide our children with the best education possible.”

DeSantis promised to make 2022 the “Year of the Parent.”

And the Florida Governor spending money from his own re-election campaign to help School Board candidates he endorsed only shows how serious he is about removing wokeism from the Sunshine State.

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