Ron DeSantis just put Democrats on notice about pushing the Left’s socialist agenda in Florida

Sep 27, 2022

Ron DeSantis turned the Sunshine State into an “oasis of freedom” during the pandemic.

But Democrats have declared war on freedom in America.

And Ron DeSantis just put Democrats on notice about pushing the Left’s socialist agenda in Florida.

Democrats spent the past decade working to turn America into a socialist nation.

They no longer even try to hide their support for socialism by wrapping it up in clever, feel-good phrases.

The left-wing group “Florida Rising” is openly supporting socialism in the Sunshine State.

“We say we’re not going to fight capitalism with black capitalism but we’re going to fight it with socialism,” Florida Rising recently posted on social media.

Florida Rising just endorsed Democrat Charlie Crist in the race for Governor.

During a recent interview with Florida’s Voice, reporter Adrienne Ferguson asked DeSantis for his thoughts on Florida Rising endorsing Crist.

“Charlie Crist has been endorsed by a group called Florida Rising and they’re openly pushing for Socialism in the state,” Ferguson said. “They tweeted a quote: ‘We say we’re not going to fight capitalism with black capitalism but we’re going to fight it with socialism,’” she continued. “This kind of rhetoric is concerning to the Hispanic community here – what are your thoughts?” she asked DeSantis.

“I reject socialism outright,” DeSantis fired back. “I reject Marxism, Leninism, Communism, any of these ‘isms’ that have come out of a political theory that basically denies the worth of each and every individual, denies people’s aspirations to reach for the stars, denies the fact that we have inherent God-given rights.”

Miami is known for its large Cuban population.

After escaping tyranny in their own country, Florida’s Cuban population is fiercely opposed to both communism and socialism.

DeSantis promised the Hispanic community in Miami that he would not allow Charlie Crist and the Democrats to bring socialism to the Sunshine State.

“We are proud that in Florida we have a spine infused with a lot of the freedom-loving people in this community,” DeSantis said. “That [socialism] is not going to happen here,” he continued, before adding that “we are going to remain the nation’s refuge for freedom.”

Under Ron DeSantis, Hispanics are switching to the Republican Party in droves.

“In August 2020, the GOP had 587,552 registered Hispanics, and the Democrats had 920,324,” the Washington Examiner reported. “By last month, Republicans had 676,826, while Democrats had 902,744,” the Washington Examiner continued. “During that time, the total number of Hispanic voters increased from 2.37 million to 2.56 million.”

From August of 2020 to August of 2022, the number of Hispanic voters who registered as Republicans increased by 15% in Florida.

Former director of communications for DeSantis and director of media affairs for the Trump White House, Aguirre Ferre, says Ron DeSantis is the reason why Hispanics are switching to the GOP in Florida.

“Hispanics really appreciate his strong leadership, his fearlessness, his not backing down,” Ferre said. “He’s fighting for everyone, but he has a soft spot in particular for the man on the street, for the blue-collar guy, the person who’s working really hard and sacrificing so much to pull their family ahead.”

Ferre said that Hispanics were fed up with the Left’s woke agenda and appreciate how DeSantis is a man of faith and family.

“And Hispanics, we’re all about family,” Ferre said. “We’re all about community. We’re all about faith. And when you look at all of that, that only really thrives if you have freedom.”

Hispanics in Florida know first-hand what it’s like to live under socialism.

It’s the reason why they escaped to America.

And socialist groups endorsing Charlie Crist will not help his chances of defeating DeSantis this fall.

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