Ron DeSantis just put every woke left-wing prosecutor in America on notice

Aug 24, 2023

Woke prosecutors around the country have let their personal pro-crime political beliefs dominate.

But that all ends if Ron DeSantis becomes President.

And now Ron DeSantis just put every woke left-wing prosecutor in America on notice.

DeSantis is not afraid to remove failed prosecutors

Because Florida state prosecutor Monique Worrell failed to do her job and actually prosecute a violent criminal – innocent police officers were shot.

Weak-kneed prosecutors like Worrell may think it’s “wrong” to go after criminals or even suggest the death penalty.

But when woke prosecutors put their personal political views above the safety of the American people – chaos and violence occur.

DeSantis refused to let it happen under his watch in Florida, and he quickly suspended Worrell for not doing her job before anyone else got hurt.

Black Lives Matter is finished

In other cities around the country out-of-control protests have led to looted cities literally burned to the ground.

And because there were never any consequences for those causing violence, they kept it going.

But all of that ends under a DeSantis regime.

“You can’t be a successful country if every urban area is a total hellhole,” DeSantis told the crowd.

DeSantis continued “So, we’re going to crack down federally, we’re going to make sure they are enforcing the laws and upholding the civil rights of their citizens.”

“And we will never ever let people like BLM burn down cities in this country ever again,” DeSantis said to the sound of a roaring applause.

The safety of the American people is number 1

Ron DeSantis isn’t afraid to use his position and authority to keep the American people safe.

He’s already warned drug cartels he is more than willing to use drones and lethal force to take them out.

Left-wing prosecutors who refuse to do their job and instead lead by their personal partisan politics have learned real quick they’ll be immediately removed from office.

And now Black Lives Matter thugs who think they have the freedom to burn down cities have also been put on notice.

DeSantis is not messing around when it comes to taking a tough-on-crime approach.

There’s a reason why law enforcement agencies and groups continue to endorse him – because they know he’s got their back.

As DeSantis said – if urban cities continue to be literally burned to the ground – no sane person would want to live in them.

To keep America strong and vibrant, the basic rule of law must be followed – and things like not destroying someone else’s personal property or shooting someone should be common sense.

President Joe Biden may sympathize with looters and violent activists – but Ron DeSantis can see through their charade.

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