Ron DeSantis just put jaws on the floor with this announcement about 250,000 students in Florida

Aug 24, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made reforming education a top priority of his administration.

DeSantis signed legislation to restore parental rights, stop woke indoctrination, and break the teachers union’s stranglehold over education.

And Ron DeSantis just put jaws on the floor with this announcement about 250,000 students in Florida.

From giving educators more autonomy over their classrooms to prohibiting the government from deducting union dues from the paychecks of teachers, Ron DeSantis signed a number of educational reforms into law this year.

But one of the biggest changes DeSantis made was when he signed the Universal School Choice Bill (HB 1) in May.

School choice helps prevent children from being trapped in failing government schools by allowing parents to use state-funded vouchers to send their kids to private schools.

The school choice legislation signed by DeSantis removed the income caps and expanded vouchers to all students in the Sunshine State.

“This is a huge thing in the state of Florida and we’re happy today that we’re able to do even more to make people’s dreams become a reality,” DeSantis said in May when he signed the bill. “Parents are going to be able to have the ability to get money for their student for their child, and they can do tuition, they’re also going to be able to use it for things like tutoring and other things that can be very important for a child’s development and well being.”

The latest data proved Ron DeSantis right.

In a press release, DeSantis announced that 430,000 students have participated and applied for scholarships under the new school choice voucher system.

“With our historic move to universal school choice, families in record numbers are choosing the best educational options for their children,” DeSantis said in a release. “I am proud of the work we have done so far, but we’re far from done—we will continue to empower parents and expand opportunities so that our students receive the best possible education.”

This figure supersedes last year’s enrollment by almost 250,000 students.

Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz Jr. praised DeSantis for his courage to implement educational reforms that are benefiting students and teachers in the Sunshine State.

“All parents want their children to receive a high-quality education and our historic expansion of school choice scholarships will allow students to have the best chance of academic success,” Diaz Jr. said. “Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, Florida is a national model for school choice, and I am proud our parents have the opportunity to choose life-changing educational options that foster student success.”

Ron DeSantis ran on a reelection platform that included massive educational reforms.

DeSantis is a man of his word.

And the data proves his reforms are working in Florida.

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