Ron DeSantis just put the media on notice about targeting his wife with a smear campaign

May 25, 2023

Ron DeSantis is the only Republican with a shot at taking the GOP nomination from Donald Trump.

Casey DeSantis will play a key role in her husband’s bid for the White House.

And Ron DeSantis just put the media on notice about targeting his wife with a smear campaign.

The showdown between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis officially kicked off Wednesday when the Governor made his long-anticipated Presidential announcement.

In his announcement speech, which took place on a Twitter Space hosted by Elon Musk, DeSantis highlighted his record of accomplishment as Governor of Florida and promised to lead the country with the same integrity and conviction.

“At the end of the day, this whole business that we’re in is about producing results,” DeSantis said. “We have done that in the state of Florida, and I bring that exact attitude up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

DeSantis has what he calls a “secret weapon” behind his success in the Governor’s Mansion.

And that secret weapon is his wife Casey DeSantis.

“Casey DeSantis is above all his first political adviser, making her indispensable in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination,” Breitbart reported. “Never far from the Florida governor’s side at important events, the former journalist is as comfortable at a microphone as she is in front of voters.”

Of course, Ron DeSantis understands how vicious and nasty the left-wing media can be to Republicans.

And in an interview after his Presidential announcement with radio host Mark Levin, DeSantis called out the press for treating Republicans differently than Democrats.

“If she were a Democrat, she’d be in every fashion magazine,” DeSantis said in reference to his wife. “They would be making her the biggest deal.”

DeSantis said that “because we’re conservative, we know that that’s not what happens,” before adding that “in reality, it will be the opposite, where they try to really attack.”

However, Ron DeSantis said his wife is tough and has thick skin.

He also praised Casey, who he admitted was his “best friend,” for being “a great wife and a great mother.”

“When I’m out there on the campaign trail, there is nobody I would rather have by my side than Casey DeSantis,” he said.

DeSantis warned voters that the “corrupt media” was planning “to fabricate stories about her.”

“They know when they’re doing the anonymous sources that it’s all fabricated BS,” he said. “And so we take it in stride, we know this is just something that happens when you get into these things.”

Casey DeSantis has been a rock star on the campaign trail during her husband’s gubernatorial races.

And she is expected to play an even bigger role over the next year as Ron DeSantis seeks out the Oval Office.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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