Ron DeSantis just revealed a terrifying difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s border policies

Jun 20, 2022

The situation at the border is out of control.

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens are entering the country.

And now Ron DeSantis just revealed a terrifying difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s border policies.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration released a report showing that Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 222,000 illegal aliens during the month of May, which is the largest single-month total since the Clinton administration.

This is also the largest number of illegal aliens apprehended in a single month since January of 2000.

Overall, 1,536,899 illegal aliens have been apprehended since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2022, which started on October 1, 2021.

With the Biden administration refusing to address the situation, Republican Governors across the country are stepping up and taking action to protect their state from the border crisis.

During a press conference Friday in Pensacola, Florida, Ron DeSantis signed a bill to penalize federal contractors who assisted illegal aliens in Florida while standing in front of a sign that said “Biden’s Border Crisis.”

“The most recent month was the biggest numbers that anybody had ever seen,” DeSantis said, adding that Joe Biden is running “a sanctuary federal government.”

Aside from illegal aliens, record numbers of dangerous drugs like fentanyl are also entering the country thanks to Biden’s border crisis.

“They’re making a killing and they’re eating our lunch every single day at the border, taking advantage of a lot of innocent people,” DeSantis said about Mexican drug cartels.

DeSantis also mentioned one terrifying difference between the way Donald Trump and Joe Biden handled illegal aliens caught sneaking across the border.

“When Trump was President, if I had an illegal alien in Florida who had committed a criminal offense, they would be prosecuted and when their sentence was up, ICE would pick them up and take them out,” DeSantis said.

But it’s handled differently under Joe Biden.

“The criminal aliens who get out of jail, get out of prison,” DeSantis said about Joe Biden. “He will release some of them into our communities,” DeSantis added.

Instead of releasing criminal illegal aliens back into the country, DeSantis had a strong recommendation for what Joe Biden should be doing with them.

“You need to be on the first plane back to wherever the hell you came from,” DeSantis said.

With Joe Biden and the Democrats committed to open borders, the crisis is only going to get worse as long as they control the federal government.

Voters have a chance to punish Democrats at the ballot box this fall and elect representatives who will fight to secure the border.

But until then, Republicans like Ron DeSantis will have to continue to find ways to protect their states from Biden’s border crisis.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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