Ron DeSantis just revealed his brilliant plan to crush the media

Feb 9, 2023

The media operates like the death star for the Democrat Party.

Media activists can identify a single target and focus all their institutional might on destroying them.

But now Ron DeSantis just revealed his brilliant plan to crush the media.

Governor Ron DeSantis already showed conservatives how to fight back against Dr. Fauci and the COVID tyrants as well as woke corporations.

Now DeSantis wants to take on the media.

Governor DeSantis hosted a round table even with actual journalists, lawyers, and legal scholars to discuss making changes to libel laws to make it easier to win defamation cases against media outlets.

At the event, Governor DeSantis explained that the media doesn’t care about truth or facts, they were political operatives looking to advance a narrative.

“The idea that they would create narratives that are contrary to discovering facts, I don’t know that was the standard,” DeSantis continued. “Now it seems you pursue the narrative, you’re trying to advance the narrative and trying to get the clicks, and the fact checking and contrary facts have just fallen by the wayside.”

DeSantis added that he had a platform to correct the record, but that ordinary citizens lacked the megaphone and the backing of the law to fight back.

“When the media attacks me, I have a platform to fight back. When they attack everyday citizens, these individuals don’t have the adequate recourses to fight back,” DeSantis declared. “It would contribute to an increase in ethics in the media and everything if they knew that if you smeared somebody, it’s false and you didn’t do your homework then you have to be held accountable for that.”

Former Covington Catholic High School Student Nicolas Sandmann appeared at the event and told his story about how the press smeared him as a white supremacist for standing silently and smiling and a radical left-wing Native American activist beat a drum in his face.

“In my case I didn’t have a reputation to ruin — I hadn’t started any sort of professional career and I haven’t even started my life,” Sandmann recounted. “But they predetermined how that would happen.”

In the coming legislative sessions DeSantis may get behind legislation lowering the standard to winning libel suits against media outlets.

Supreme Court Justices such as Clarence Thomas expressed an interest in taking up this issue.

And pushing back against the media’s narratives looks to be the next frontier in Ron DeSantis’ fight against the Left.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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