Ron DeSantis just revealed one disturbing fact about teachers unions and education in America

Sep 12, 2022

Big Labor is one of the most powerful forces in Democrat Party politics.

Teachers unions dictate the education agenda for Democrats.

And Ron DeSantis just revealed one disturbing fact about teachers unions and education in America.

Joe Biden and the Democrats gave the teachers union the authority to write the CDC’s COVID guidelines for government schools during the pandemic.

Even though the data proved that COVID posed a very low risk to children, the teachers union advised the CDC to keep schools closed for more than a year.

When schools finally opened back up, the CDC then allowed the teachers union to write the guidelines for mask mandates and other COVID restrictions for schools to enforce.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten pushed the CDC to require mask mandates in all schools nationwide.

Democrat Charlie Crist picked Karla Hernancez-Mats as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor.

Mats is the Vice President for the American Federation of Teachers.

DeSantis previously ripped Mats for serving as President of the United Teachers of Dade, a teachers union that protected a member with a long history of sexual misconduct.

And during a recent speech at the Heritage Foundation’s first annual “Educational Freedom Report Card” event, Ron DeSantis revealed exactly how the teachers unions are working to destroy America’s educational system.

DeSantis pointed to how the teachers unions pushed for school closures as one example of how they harm education.

“Obviously they had a lot of political pressure from interest groups that support them like teachers unions to lock these kids out of the school, to force them into things that were remote,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis said the teachers union ignored the data and instead performed stunts and participated in protests in front of the Florida Department of Education over his decision to reopen schools in June of 2020.

“It was very, very difficult just in terms of the politics and the media, the Left, the bureaucracy, they did not want to see the kids in school and so we would have these stunts pulled by unions in Florida where they would actually bring coffins and put ’em down in front of the Department of Education building in Florida,” DeSantis said. “We had down in Miami, they would bring hearses and all this stuff and they were basically trying to tell parents ‘your kids go to school, they’re gonna get sick and then they’re gonna die,’” he continued, before adding, “and that was false, I think they knew it was false but if they didn’t, what does that say about the fact that they’re involved in education?”

DeSantis called the actions of the teachers union a “slap in the face to the whole teaching profession.”

“Just think about it, you dedicated your life to this and then you have a union saying you’re not really that important, that they can just sit at home on Zoom and it’s the same thing,” he said, adding that “to me, I view that as a slap in the face to the whole teaching profession that they were taking that position.”

In 2021, voters in New Jersey and Virginia punished Democrats over mask mandates and school closures.

If Ron DeSantis can make Charlie Crist’s running mate own her support for mandates and lockdowns, Democrats will have a tough time in Florida this fall.

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