Ron DeSantis just revealed some very disturbing information about Charlie Crist’s new running mate

Aug 31, 2022

Charlie Crist announced that union boss Karla Hernández-Mats would be his running mate for Lieutenant Governor.

But Crist may regret that decision.

That’s because Ron DeSantis just revealed some very disturbing information about Charlie Crist’s new running mate.

Democrats in Florida recently nominated Charlie Crist as the Party’s nominee for Governor to take on Ron DeSantis in November.

But Charlie Crist made the politically-motivated decision to join the Democrat Party in 2012.

Before that, Crist spent his entire life as a member of the Republican Party.

Crist served as a Republican in both the State Senate and as the 44th Governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011.

Since Crist has only been a Democrat for ten years, he’s trying to prove his credentials to the far-Left by launching vicious attacks against DeSantis.

During his acceptance speech, Crist insulted DeSantis and his supporters, accusing them of being full of hate.

He called DeSantis everything from “anti-democracy” to “anti-women” to “anti-African American” to “anti-freedom Ron.”

But Crist showed how much he is pandering to the far-Left when he recently named Karla Hernández-Mats as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor.

Since 2016, Hernández-Mats has served as President of the United Teachers of Dade.

She also serves as Vice President for the American Federation of Teachers.

But Ron DeSantis just exposed one very disturbing fact about Hernández-Mats that he believes should disqualify her from office.

During a press conference on Wednesday, DeSantis said United Teachers of Dade (UTD), the teacher union led by Hernández-Mats, “”protected” a member accused of sexual misconduct for years.

“You come to see that they had one of their top henchmen in the union down in Miami, who was a middle school teacher, he was sexually abusing middle school students for years and years,” DeSantis said, adding that “and everybody knew this was going on.”

DeSantis then ripped Hernández-Mats for putting big labor politics ahead of the safety of middle school students.

“You do not put union politics ahead of middle school students who are in danger of being sexually abused,” DeSantis said. “I think that’s disqualifying to be in any political office — much less Lieutenant Governor of the state of Florida.”

According to news reports, Wendell Nibbs is the teacher in question.

“He pleaded guilty in 2020 to two counts of sexual activity with a child,” WPTV news reported, adding that “Nibbs’ plea came after years of allegations and ongoing police investigations since at least 2015.”

Even though the timeline of events clearly indicates DeSantis is correct about Hernández-Mats protecting a child predator, Charlie Crist’s campaign immediately denied the accusation as a “lie.”

Ron DeSantis is leading the fight to protect Florida’s children from the Left’s radical transgender and homosexual ideologies.

And DeSantis will make Charlie Crist regret picking Hernández-Mats as his running mate.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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