Ron DeSantis just revealed the real reason why people are fleeing places like New York in record numbers

Apr 12, 2022

Ron DeSantis turned Florida into an “oasis of freedom” during the pandemic.

As a result, a record-breaking 117 million people visited Florida in 2021.

And Ron DeSantis just revealed the real reason why people are fleeing places like New York in record numbers.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rose to rock star status in the Republican Party for his pro-freedom pandemic policies.

While other states enforced draconian lockdowns on their citizens, DeSantis kept Florida’s businesses and schools open.

While other states implemented authoritarian mandates, Ron DeSantis stood for freedom by banning masks and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis also went against the authoritarians by promoting the early use of monoclonal antibodies as an effective treatment against COVID.

DeSantis’ pro-freedom policies generated a nationwide smear campaign against him by the Democrats and their pals in the press.

But with most states back to some sense of normalcy, the Democrats haven’t stopped their smear campaign against DeSantis.

The Left is now attacking DeSantis for signing the Parental Rights in Education Bill into law, which simply prohibits the teaching of gender and sex to children in kindergarten through third grade.

Even though polls show the majority of Americans, including Democrat voters, support Florida’s new law, it hasn’t stopped the Left from doubling down on their attacks against DeSantis.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently launched a round of digital ads in five Florida markets aimed at attracting residents who are offended by the Parental Rights in Education bill to move to New York City.

But as Ron DeSantis pointed out during an interview with Fox News Channel’s Dan Bongino, the latest data shows the reverse is true, with New Yorkers fleeing the state and moving to Florida in droves.

“People have been fleeing New York in record numbers,” DeSantis began.

DeSantis said this is in large part due to Florida’s pro-freedom policies.

“Florida has been the number one place to come, and part of it is because we’re a free state,” DeSantis continued. “Part of it is because we’re a low-tax state. Part of it is because we’re a law-and-order state [that] stands by law enforcement and holds criminals accountable. And part of it, quite frankly, is because we do believe in parents’ rights and we believe our education system should be used to educate kids, not to indoctrinate them.”

Of course, the data proves DeSantis correct.

In January 2021, CBS News reported that more than 330,000 residents moved out of New York City, just from March of 2020 alone.

Meanwhile, Florida continues to be one of the top destinations, not just for vacation, but as a place people want to call home.

An analysis from United Van Lines ranked Florida fifth in states people moved to in 2021.

With Ron DeSantis continuing to make Florida an “oasis of freedom,” more Americans will likely vote with their feet by moving away from Democrat-run states and relocating to the Sunshine State.

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