Ron DeSantis just revealed the real reason why the media keeps lying about him feuding with Trump

Jul 1, 2022

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are both conservative fighters.

But the Fake News Media is claiming they are political enemies.

And Ron DeSantis just revealed the real reason why the media keeps lying about him feuding with Trump.

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have been political friends and allies for several years.

In 2018, Donald Trump’s endorsement catapulted Ron DeSantis to victory in the Republican Primary and on to the Governor’s Mansion that fall.

Today, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the two most popular Republicans in America.

Polls consistently put Trump and DeSantis as the top two contenders for the GOP nomination, with no other Republican even coming close.

Like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis is willing to call out the Fake News Media over their lies and smears.

DeSantis is also willing to fight for his conservative values, which he proved with his pro-freedom policies during the pandemic and his fight against the woke Left.

But if you listen to the Fake News Media, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are waging an all-out war against each other over the 2024 nomination.

Of course, Ron DeSantis has repeatedly said his only focus is serving the people of Florida and getting re-elected to a second term in November.

And neither Trump or DeSantis have said anything negative about each other.

But that didn’t stop POLITICO from recently publishing an article where they claimed an anonymous source within the DeSantis campaign told them he was secretly supporting the January 6 witch hunt because it damaged Trump.

“That’s where his head is at. He thinks the goal here is to get Main Justice to go after him,” the anonymous source claimed. “That’s what Ron thinks this is all about.”

Normally, the media gets away with these types of lies because most Republicans are afraid to stand up and fight back.

But Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are two Republicans willing to call out the media.

And an official spokesperson for DeSantis’ campaign set the record straight about POLITICO’s outrageous claim.

“Quoting unnamed sources to detail the Governor’s thinking when he has clearly stated that this is a farce is a predictable tactic from POLITICO and the corporate media,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

But DeSantis’ team didn’t just refute the media’s lie.

They also revealed the real reason why the media is focusing so much on DeSantis and Trump.

“The hearings are a total circus meant to distract from Biden’s failures,” the spokesperson said.

“This is another embarrassing effort to distract from Democrat failures,” the spokesperson added.

There is no feud between Trump and DeSantis.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have no achievements to run on this fall.

And the media is desperately trying to distract voters by creating a fake war between the two most popular conservatives in America.

But they failed.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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