Ron DeSantis just saved Florida taxpayers from footing the costs of Donald Trump’s massive legal bills

Jan 26, 2024

Donald Trump is facing 91 criminal charges across four indictments as part of the lawfare Joe Biden is waging against him.

It is costing Donald Trump millions of dollars in legal fees.

But Ron DeSantis just saved Florida taxpayers from footing the costs of Donald Trump’s massive legal bills.

Ron DeSantis dropped out of the Presidential race on Sunday and threw his support behind Donald Trump in what is now a two-person race between him and Nikki Haley.

“While I have had disagreements with Donald Trump … Trump is superior to the current incumbent, Joe Biden,” DeSantis said in a video announcing his decision to exit the race. “That is clear.”

After he endorsed Donald Trump, DeSantis went on to say that he “has my endorsement because we can’t go back to the old Republican guard of yesteryear, a repackaged form of the warmed-over corporatism that Nikki Haley represents.”

But even though DeSantis endorsed Trump, the Florida Governor just showed that he is not willing to abuse taxpayers to help the former President.

State Senator Ileana Garcia previously filed a bill for the current legislative session that would allow the state to give Donald Trump up to $5 million to help with his legal fees.

On Sunday, Garcia and Jimmy Patronis, the state’s Republican chief financial officer, issued a press release announcing the bill, which read:

“We’re in the midst of an historic moment where we’re watching an election that’s trying to be stolen by left-wing prosecutors, the Biden Administration and even Blue States.  They’re not trying to win at the ballot box; they’re trying to keep President Trump off the ballot by weaponizing the courts.  Having a Floridian in the White House is good for our state — and anything we can do to support Florida Presidential candidates, like President Trump, will not only benefit our state, but our nation.”

Florida Democrat Party Chair Nikki Fried quickly attacked the move as a “disgrace.”

“What this shows you is who the Florida GOP is loyal to because it’s certainly not the people of Florida,” Fried said in a text message. “Senator Garcia’s victim-card bill is a disgrace and should inflame any Floridian who cares about where their tax dollars are going.”

But Governor Ron DeSantis threw cold water on any plans to assist Trump by issuing a veto threat on Monday.

DeSantis shared an article from Politico covering the plan to cover Trump’s legal fees and quickly put the idea to bed.

“But not the Florida Republican who wields the veto pen…,” DeSantis wrote. 

Two hours after DeSantis issued his veto threat, Senator Garcia took to social media on Monday night to announce that she would be withdrawing the bill.

“This bill was filed on January 5th amidst a crowded primary, including two Florida residents,” Garcia said in response to DeSantis. “My concern was the political weaponization against conservative candidates, and while @JimmyPatronis brought me this bill at a time when all candidates were committing to campaign through the primary, one frontrunner now remains, and he can handle himself.” 

“I will be withdrawing the bill,” she concluded.

Ron DeSantis may be in Trump’s corner, but the Florida Governor’s top priority is protecting Florida taxpayers.

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