Ron DeSantis just saw the one report that could guarantee his re-election in November

Feb 11, 2022

If Donald Trump decides not to run for President again in 2024, polls show Ron DeSantis would be the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination.

But DeSantis is facing his own re-election for Governor.

And Ron DeSantis just saw the one report that could guarantee his re-election in November.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rose to rock star status in the GOP over his steadfast opposition to Biden and Fauci’s COVID police state.

Ron DeSantis kept businesses and schools open in Florida, while also banning mask and vaccine mandates across the Sunshine State.

DeSantis also promoted live-saving monoclonal antibodies as an effective early treatment for COVID.

But Ron DeSantis took on more than just the COVID tyrants during the past two years.

DeSantis fought back against “woke” cancel culture by banning the teaching of Marxist-based Critical Race Theory in Florida’s classrooms as well as allowing parents to sue any school who allowed teachers to teach the garbage to their children.

He’s also taking action at the state-level to protect Florida from Biden’s border crisis and illegal immigration disaster.

Aside from Donald Trump, there is no Republican who Democrats fear more than Ron DeSantis.

This is why the corporate-controlled media spent the last two years doing everything they could to take down Ron DeSantis.

But despite their lies and smears, Ron DeSantis is stronger politically and more popular with voters than ever.

And his popularity is translating into fundraising success for his 2022 re-election campaign.

In fact, Friends of Ron DeSantis, the committee supporting his re-election, reported collecting more than $7.7 million in new donations during the month of January alone.

This was the largest fundraising haul for Ron DeSantis in the past 10 months.

Overall, Ron DeSantis has nearly $80 million cash on hand for his re-election campaign.

Former Governor Charlie Crist and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried are the top two Democrats seeking the opportunity to take on DeSantis in November.

And even though they haven’t reported their January totals yet, their fundraising pales in comparison to Ron DeSantis.

Charlie Crist only raised $3.2 million in all of 2021.

Nikki Fried didn’t do much better, bringing in just $2.4 million in all of 2021.

Polls also show DeSantis leading both Democrats in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

DeSantis’ rising poll numbers and strong fundraising has most pundits expecting him to cruise to an easy victory in November.

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