Ron DeSantis just scored his first big 2024 win over Donald Trump

May 5, 2023

Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are the two main competitors for the 2024 Republican Party Presidential nomination.

The Trump camp started the initial skirmish of the campaign.

But Ron DeSantis just scored his first big 2024 win over Donald Trump.

The pro-Trump Super PAC filed a complaint with the Florida ethics commission alleging Governor DeSantis leveraged his official office to boost his Presidential campaign with a book tour to promote DeSantis’ memoir, Courage to be Free.

Politicians often publish books like Courage to be Free so they can get media attention to broadcast their biography and impending campaign message to voters through earned media such as interviews on every broadcast and cable television network.

Up until very recently, Florida had a resign-to-run law, which required any current office holder to resign if they were seeking a federal office.

The Trump campaign also alleged that DeSantis ran afoul of this law through his out-of-state travel to Iowa and Nevada to promote the book.

But Florida’s ethics commission dismissed the complaint.

“There is no inherent reason why respondent, as governor, cannot travel outside the state, and the complaint does not provide additional information to establish that such travel creates a continuing or frequently occurring conflict between his private interests and the performance of his public duties or that it impedes the full and faithful discharge of his public duties,” ethics commission chairman Glen Gilzean’s order read.

The Trump Super PAC tried to dismiss the defeat as a mere formality since DeSantis appointed the members of the ethics commission.

“It is hardly surprising that another weaponized state entity controlled by DeSantis ignores the facts and the law to protect the Governor,” CEO of MAGA Inc. Taylor Budowich stated.

Even some Trump supporters questioned filing a nuisance complaint like this, which stood no chance of success and wasn’t bad on actual violations.

But it did give DeSantis a good headline at a time when DeSantis needs all the good news cycles he can get.

Polls show Donald Trump expanding his lead in the GOP Primary as his support nears 60 percent in national polls.

Trump also racked up endorsements from 11 members of the Florida Congressional delegation.

DeSantis needs some good news to build momentum ahead of his expected Presidential campaign launch.

And this win at the Florida Ethics Commission could be the start of a turnaround.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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