Ron DeSantis just scored one huge win that left Democrats in the dust

Nov 10, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis set an example for Republicans nationwide by securing conservative policy victories.

DeSantis changed Florida for good.

And Ron DeSantis just scored one huge win that left Democrats in the dust.

In addition to kicking woke ideology out of the classrooms and keeping Florida open during COVID, serving the interests of current Florida residents, DeSantis turned the Sunshine State into a job creation juggernaut.

Florida earned the distinction of being the number one state in the country for attracting and developing skilled workers according to Lightcast’s Talent Attraction 2022 Scorecard.

Governor DeSantis boasted that Florida’s open economy, lack of mandates, and adherence to actual data is credited with Florida winning this award.

“By keeping Florida free and open, we have created a positive economic environment and invested in our state’s workforce and communities,” Governor DeSantis declared. “As a result, Florida is leading the nation in net migration and talent attraction. As other states continue to struggle at the hands of poor leadership, people and businesses are flocking to Florida.”

A press release on the Governor’s website listed some of the specifics of Florida’s ability to attract skilled workers:

  • Florida led the nation’s states in talent attraction with fifteen large counties in the top 50, led by Hillsborough County (#8), Polk (#10), Lee (#12), St Johns (#18), and Pasco (#20).
  • Florida also led all states in net migration, adding more than 388,000 residents between 2016-20. That is nearly double than the next state, Texas.
  • Three Florida counties were among the top ten large counties nationally in net migration: Lee, Pasco and Polk counties.
  • And Nassau County led the nation in net migration among small counties with Walton County ranked fourth.

Keeping schools open as well as banning mask and vaccine mandates also contributed to the ability to attract a topflight workforce.

“Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, Florida has laid the groundwork for lasting success,” Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr boasted. “Our number one ranking for talent attraction is more proof that we are on the right track when it comes to education and economics. We stand ready to build on our successes and continue moving forward for the benefit of all Floridians.”

Governor DeSantis notching conservative win after conservative win helped explain why DeSantis scored the biggest re-election win in Florida history on a night where other GOP candidates underwhelmed.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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