Ron DeSantis just sent a message to George Soros that will strike fear in Democrats’ hearts

Mar 3, 2023

George Soros’ power went unchecked for years.

Not anymore.

And that’s because Ron DeSantis just sent a message to George Soros that will strike fear in Democrats’ hearts.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis already suspended one Soros-backed State’s Attorney for refusing to enforce the law.

DeSantis suspended Tampa-area prosecutor Andrew Warren after Warren said he would not enforce any bans on abortion or transgender surgeries for minor children.

Warren also looked the other way and would not prosecute Black Lives Matter insurrectionists in the summer of 2020.

Now DeSantis has sights set on Soros-backed State Attorney, Monique Worrell.

Worrell came under scrutiny after treating a criminal named Keith Moses with kid gloves only to see Moses now accused of killing three people one of whom was a nine-year-old girl.

DeSantis’ General Counsel Ryan Newman wrote a letter to Worrell demanding to know why Worrell let Moses loose on the streets despite multiple prior offenses.

“The failure of your office to hold this individual accountable for his actions — despite his extensive criminal history and gang affiliation — may have permitted this dangerous individual to remain on the street,” Newman’s letter read. “Clearly, Mr. Moses should have never been in a position to commit those senseless crimes of last week.”

The letter continued on saying “as we seek to learn valuable lessons from this heartbreaking event, we must determine if Mr. Moses was enabled by gaps in our sentencing laws that must be corrected, or, to be frank, your office’s failure to properly administer justice.”

Governor DeSantis slammed Worrell as another Soros-backed prosecutor that endangered her community by imposing the Soros soft-on-crime ideology.

“I know the district attorney, state attorney, in Orlando thinks you don’t prosecute people, and that’s how you somehow have a better community. That does not work. You have these people with multiple arrests, multiple times where they can be held accountable, you keep cycling them out into the community, you are increasing the chances that something bad will happen,” DeSantis stated.

Warren claimed there are a “number of misconceptions, some of which are included in the letter we received yesterday, floated by other elected officials in the aftermath of this tragedy that we are continually working to correct. The suggestions and accusations that my office’s ‘policies’ promote crime are empty political statements unsupported by actual facts. During my administration, the police arrested Mr. Moses on a single case — a misdemeanor possession of cannabis charge. Without evidence that conclusively proves Mr. Moses was in possession of illegal marijuana, it is simply not possible to prove a crime occurred. Therefore, my office did not pursue charges.”

Ron DeSantis said Florida will be a law and order state.

DeSantis is determined not to let his state turn into a crime-infested hellscape through the actions of Soros funded prosecutors.

And DeSantis is nipping that in the bud by suspending these ideologically motivated left-wing prosecutors.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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