Ron DeSantis just showed Republicans exactly how to handle George Soros-backed woke prosecutors

Aug 5, 2022

Billionaire George Soros is using his fortune to elect pro-crime prosecutors to positions of power all across America.

But George Soros finally met his match in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

And Ron DeSantis just showed Republicans exactly how to handle George Soros-backed woke prosecutors.

For decades, George Soros has used his billions of dollars to bankroll left-wing groups and organizations.

Over the past few years, Soros spent tens of millions of dollars to install District Attorneys who would use their positions of power to push pro-crime policies and promote left-wing “social justice” over the rule of law.

Soros-backed prosecutors are the main reason why crime is skyrocketing in Democrat-run cities nationwide.

But Ron DeSantis just took the lead in showing Republicans exactly how to handle George Soros-backed District Attorneys who refused to follow the rule of law.

On Thursday, Ron DeSantis held a major press conference where he officially suspended Soros-backed State Attorney Andrew Warren for refusing to enforce the law of the land.

“We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement.

During the press conference, DeSantis detailed several instances where Warren showed a complete disregard for the rule of law, such as refusing to enforce any prohibitions on sex change operations for children to declaring he will not enforce any anti-abortion laws in the Sunshine State.

“It’s not for him to put himself above that [the legislature’s action] and say that he is not going to enforce the laws,” DeSantis said. “We don’t elect people in one part of the state to have veto power over what the entire state decides on these important issues,” he continued.

DeSantis said that by flagrantly violating his oath of office, Warren violated his official duty, and it was his job as Governor to right this wrong.

“You have neglected your duty and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties and so today, we are suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren,” DeSantis announced.

DeSantis promised the people of Florida that he would not “allow this pathogen that’s been around the country” to gain a foothold in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Governor also encouraged other Republican officials across the country to stand up and put an end to Soros-backed prosecutors following “social justice over what the law requires.”

“This is something that I think is a very, very important issue across our country that this movement would be allowed to take hold where you basically elevate your own personal conception of quote, ‘social justice’ over what the law requires of you,” DeSantis said about Soros-backed prosecutors.

DeSantis is the most popular Republican elected official in the country.

He’s also one of the most influential Republican leaders.

And now DeSantis is showing Republicans how to put an end to George Soros installing his hand-picked woke prosecutors into positions of power.

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