Ron DeSantis just shut down Disney CEOs with this one brutal reality check

Mar 11, 2022

Democrats are in a frenzy over an education bill Ron DeSantis is expected to sign into law.

Disney’s woke CEO tried to strong-arm DeSantis into vetoing the legislation.

But Ron DeSantis just shut down Disney CEOs with this one brutal reality check.

The Republican-led Florida State Legislature just sent a bill to Ron DeSantis’ desk that would prohibit the teaching of sexuality and gender identity issues to pre-K through third grade students in the Sunshine State.

The bill reads:

“Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

Even though the bill doesn’t even mention the word “gay,” the radical Left misnamed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and then proceeded to launch a smear campaign against DeSantis based on a false media narrative about the legislation.

Joe Biden even spread false information about the bill on his official Twitter page, saying it was “hateful” and “designed to attack LGBTQI+ kids.”

“I want every member of the LGBTQI+ community — especially the kids who will be impacted by this hateful bill — to know that you are loved and accepted just as you are,” Biden tweeted, adding that “I have your back, and my Administration will continue to fight for the protections and safety you deserve.”

But woke politicians on the Left aren’t the only ones attacking DeSantis over the legislation.

On Wednesday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek came out against the bill, while also pledging to donate $5 million to LGBT groups.

Chapek even called Ron DeSantis in an effort to pressure him into vetoing the legislation.

“I called Governor DeSantis this morning to express our disappointment and concern that if the legislation becomes law, it could be used to unfairly target gay, lesbian, non-binary, and transgender kids and families,” Chapek said.

Of course, Chapek’s strong-arm tactics didn’t work.

And despite him calling DeSantis, the Governor is still promising to sign the legislation into law.

However, during a speech to a group of supporters on Thursday, Ron DeSantis took the hatchet to Chapek with a brutal smackdown.

“In the state of Florida, we are not going to allow them to inject transgenderism into kindergarten classrooms,” DeSantis began.

“First graders shouldn’t have woke gender ideology imposed in their curriculums and that is what we are standing for — because we are standing for the kids and the parents,” DeSantis continued.

DeSantis then promised that he would never back down because of “fraudulent media narratives” or “pressure from woke corporations.”

“The chances of that are zero,” DeSantis roared.

But then Ron DeSantis turned the tables on Disney, ripping them for attacking a parental rights bill while cozying up to the Communist Party of China.

“If that’s the hill they’re going to die on, then how do they possibly explain lining their pockets with their relationship from the Communist Party of China?” DeSantis asked. “Because that’s what they do, and they make a fortune, and they don’t say a word about the really brutal practices that you see over there at the hands of the CCP,” he added.

As for Florida, DeSantis said their policies will always be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not “on the musing of woke corporations.”

After his speech, the crowd erupted into loud cheers and applause for DeSantis’ willingness to stand up and fight for what is right even when faced with massive pressure from the radical Left.

And this is why Ron DeSantis is a rock star among Republican voters nationwide.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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