Ron DeSantis just shut down NBC with one brutal fact

Feb 24, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one Republican who refuses to play the media’s games.

Conservatives were fed up with the media’s left-wing bias.

And now Ron DeSantis just shut down NBC with one brutal fact.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell caused the latest media controversy during an interview with Kamala Harris.

Mitchell asked Harris about DeSantis rejecting a woke AP black US history course by falsely claiming DeSantis did not want to teach about slavery and its aftermath in Florida schools.

“Let me ask you, what does Governor Ron DeSantis not know about Black history and the Black experience when he says that slavery and the aftermath of slavery should not be taught to Florida schoolchildren?” Mitchell asked.

This was a complete lie.

Florida schools require the teaching of black history and slavery.

DeSantis spokesman Bryan Griffin tweeted out that until Mitchell corrected the record and apologized for her lies, DeSantis and his team wouldn’t grant any interview requests to MSNBC and NBC since they cannot be considered legitimate news organizations.

Mitchell tried to claim she was “imprecise” in her language without apologizing and even doubled down on the lie that Governor DeSantis does not want to teach black history in schools.

“In my interview last Friday with Vice President Harris, I was imprecise in summarizing Governor DeSantis’ position about teaching slavery in schools. Governor DeSantis is not opposed to teaching the fact of slavery in schools, but he has opposed the teaching of an African American studies curriculum as well as the use of some authors and source materials that historians and teachers say makes it all but impossible for students to understand the broader historic and political context behind slavery and its aftermath in the years since,” Mitchell stated.

DeSantis spokesman Jeremy Redfern slammed Mitchell for keeping up the falsehoods and again restated that Florida requires teaching slavery and its aftermath.

But Redfern explained that DeSantis rejected the curriculum over the fact that that AP black history class included woke nonsense like “queer theory.”

“Once again, [Andrea Mitchell] is ‘imprecise’ in her description because she relies on unnamed ‘historians and teachers.’ Florida statute requires the teaching of slavery and its aftermath. We just know that ‘queer studies’ has nothing to do with Jim Crow,” Redfern posted on social media.

“Saying one was ‘imprecise,’ when what they said was a blatant lie, is not an apology. @MSNBC/@NBCNews should not be viewed as an objective media organization. Stop letting the corporate media be the gatekeepers of truth,” Redfern added.

The lesson of the Donald Trump years is that media outlets like NBC are nothing more than partisan liars and activists that work on behalf of the Democrat Party.

Ron DeSantis understands this reality and treats the media like the hostile opponents that they are.

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