Ron DeSantis lowered the boom on George Soros with one devastating promise

Aug 24, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did his best to make his case to voters about why he should be the next President at the first GOP Primary debate.

DeSantis had moments where he brought the crowd to its feet.

And Ron DeSantis lowered the boom on George Soros with one devastating promise.

During a section in the debate on crime DeSantis touted his record on law and order.

DeSantis boasted that crime was at a 50-year low in Florida and that was due to the fact that unlike Democrat Mayors and Governors, he treated law and order as a serious responsibility of government.

The Florida Governor also called out the fact that George Soros funded left-wing ideologues in District Attorneys races – like Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg – who take office and refuse to enforce the law and while weaponizing the government against political opponents.

“Crime is at a 50-year low, we’re happy with that, statewide it’s at a 50-year low,” DeSantis stated. “These hollowed-out cities, this is a symptom of America’s decline. And one of the biggest reasons is because you have George Soros funding these radical left-wing district attorneys. They get into office and they say they’re not going to prosecute crimes they disagree with. The inmates start running the asylum.”

DeSantis explained that when he saw Soros-backed prosecutors in his state refusing to enforce the law he fired them on the spot.

“When we had two of these district attorneys in Florida, elected with Soros funding, who said they wouldn’t do their job, I removed them from their posts. They are done,” DeSantis continued.

DeSantis removing Soros-supported prosecutors Monique H. Worrell and Andrew Warren for their refusal to keep criminals in jail helped set the tone that Florida is a state that defends the police and respects law and order.

But DeSantis doesn’t believe Soros-backed prosecutors attacking law and order is an issue for the states to handle.

DeSantis promised voters that if he were President he would go after Soros-backed prosecutors who let violent criminals run wild on the streets.

“As president,” DeSantis declared, adding that “we are going to go after all of these people because they are hurting the quality of life and they are victimizing innocent people in this country, and it will stop when I get into office.”

As President, DeSantis could order the Justice Department to open civil rights investigations into rogue prosecutors that deprived their citizens of the ability to not live in fear of getting mugged, raped, or killed when they walk the streets.

DeSantis could also refuse to sign any spending bills that fund local District Attorney’s offices that aren’t enforcing the law.

A President has options in taking on Soros-backed prosecutors.

DeSantis pledged to avail himself of them.

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