Ron DeSantis made one announcement that will put a big smile on the faces of Florida’s first responders

Oct 14, 2022

Ron DeSantis is leading Florida back to recovery after the massive destruction Hurricane Ian inflicted on the state.

Emergency management personnel and first responders have been impressed by DeSantis’ leadership during the crisis.

And Ron DeSantis just made one announcement that will put a big smile on the faces of Florida’s first responders.

It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Ian smashed into Florida’s southwestern coast and wreaked havoc across the Sunshine State.

Thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership, electricity was restored and bridges were rebuilt in record time.

Emergency workers on the ground have praised the way DeSantis is leading the recovery efforts.

“I really appreciate the effort the Governor has taken with the state,” James Lee, a Captain with West Manatee Fire Rescue said.

“I thank him for the support that he has for all of the emergency service workers, ya know, come down here and speak to the groups and just show his support, for the emergency services as well as the public has been exceptional,” Lee added.

But now Ron DeSantis is going one step further to help first responders by announcing that $2 million from the Florida Disaster Fund will go towards helping first responders recover from Hurricane Ian.

DeSantis said there are a lot of first responders who also have flooded, damaged, and destroyed homes.

“You may have a firefighter out there helping someone get out of their damaged home,” DeSantis began. “That firefighter’s home may have been destroyed too. A police officer is out there helping you with something that you have had to deal with. They may be suffering the same or more back at their place.”

DeSantis said “it’s tough when you’re having to go out there and serve the public, knowing that you’ve got a lot of issues that you have to deal with.”

Steadman Stahl, President of the South Florida PBA, attended the event where DeSantis announced the $2 million for first responders.

He thanked Ron DeSantis for always looking out for first responders.

DeSantis also stood up and defended first responders against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, even offering bonuses to police officers who relocated from Democrat lockdown states to Florida.

And Florida voters are expected to reward him with another term for his leadership in the upcoming Midterms.

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